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Onemagicmummy's Avatar Onemagicmummy 10:04 AM 04-22-2010
Im nuring my 8 month old baby and had a wicked bad mirgain last week, i was floored for the whole day and still felt icky 2 days later.

Dr has given me Sumtriptan AKA Imigrain or Imigrian Recovery. i have googled but getting different answers Dr siad avoid BF for 12, one places says 8 and one places says it should be ok in usual doses. i onyl need take it if i get a mirgain.

could some one with a copy of HALES have a look see for me and see what that says.

Many Thanks


Heba's Avatar Heba 12:43 PM 04-22-2010
Ooh, migraines are *not fun.*

Hale categorises it as L3. PM me if you'd like more details.

You can also get reliable info from LactMed

Finally, if you're in the UK and as you're wanting information for future reference, you could contact the BfN by e-mail or by calling the Drugs in Breastmilk hotline: