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mamadelbosque's Avatar mamadelbosque 09:25 AM 04-24-2010
So, I'm kinda freaking out here again. DS2 is 8 months old. I *SWEAR* I had a period at 8WEEKS pp. I swear to you I did - twas the standard 4-5 day bleeding, heavier the first couple days, lightend up, cramping, yadda yadda yadda. And then nothing, for months. As a result I freaked out, took a few pregnancy tests and then did my best to relax (we're using condoms, btw).

On march 24 I had another period. Same as above- standard 5 days, cramping, blah blah blah. And now ist april 24, 31 days later and nothing. And I'm starting to worry. With DS1 my period didnt' come back till 9 months and then was like clockwork - every 28 days, with one or two 29 day-ers thrown in to freak me out here and there, till I was actually pregnant with ds2. And I just don't know wtf to think... has anyone had this happen? Have a period then not have periods then have a period then not??

Its just... So freaking wierd!! And worrying!! (We dont' currently have any plans for another btw... though dh hasn't yet gotten the big v, so it is possible, obviously...)

ETA: Oh, and I felt naseous all day yesterday and feel it today again this morning... and its just freaking me out!! I know I should just go buy a frigging pregnancy test... but I was *really* hoping af would appear today!!

HeliMom's Avatar HeliMom 12:02 AM 04-25-2010
I'm no expert but my period has been on and off also (DD @ 1 yr now). Right before the last one I swore I had morning sickness since I was on day 40 of that cycle, but then there it was. It's the unexpectedness of it that I find most annoying.
penstamon's Avatar penstamon 02:30 PM 04-25-2010
I have been wondering the same thing. Mine are totally off too- anywhere from 28-41 days apart and (oops) we havn't been using any protection. I am chalking it up to BFing- DS is 9 months. Hopefully they will start to normalize in a few months. Most people I have asked didn't have a return to normal until after a year or when they weaned.
Quinalla's Avatar Quinalla 10:09 AM 04-26-2010
So weird, I had a similar thing where 6 weeks PP I had a period and then another 27 days later (normal cycle time for me), but since then nothing. I took a few pregnancy tests too to be sure, though I am on the mini-pill. I'm glad I'm not the only one, but no idea if it is normal or not.
Llyra's Avatar Llyra 11:27 AM 04-26-2010
Mine were like that, too. I had a period at around two months, with the twins, when I think DD2 had started sleeping longer at night, and I guess the "demand" dropped suddenly, so AF came. Then it went away again. I had a few sort of mini-periods around 12 months, when DS nightweaned. Then it stopped again. It didn't come back for real until they weaned completely-- I just had these occasional very short periods irregularly spaced.

I think it's pretty common.
mamadelbosque's Avatar mamadelbosque 05:40 PM 04-26-2010
Well, she finaly appeared - 35 days later!! So, I'm breathing a nice big ol' sigh of relief here. I was really hopeful that my periods would once again regulate to a nice, even, clockwork like pattern like the did after ds1 was born. Apparently not. :sniffle: