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I think my expectations are off. Can someone talk me through how BFing changes as the baby eats more solids and get older? I think I am expecting the nursing to stay the same as it has been for the past 6 months or so, and I don't think that's the case, maybe. She eats solids on and off, some days more than others. We're not weaning, but what is usually the first nursing session that the baby will drop? Sometimes she won't nurse in the morning anymore.

So, I hope my title is not confusing. I'm just looking for insight from BTDT mamas who can tell me what changes to expect, because I find myself getting upset when she doesn't nurse, or doesn't nurse like she used to, and maybe it's just part of the natural cycle of things?

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My best advice is to try to stay calm, follow your baby and don't expect any changes to be permanent. I swear just as I'm getting used to doing things one way DD goes and changes on me.

She does seem to go through cycles where she nurses a lot and eats less for a while (could be a week or as long as a month) then she switches and nurses less and hoovers food in for a bit.

Your LO will be 1 next month right? For my dd she was still nursing like a 5 month old at that point and eating very little in the way of solids where as my friend's dd (who is just 2 wks older) was only nursing 3 or 4 times a day and chowing down on the solids. Both girls are still nursing at just over 2. I guess what I'm saying is that all kids are different and as long as yours is pooping and peeing appropriately and happy and healthy, try not to worry too much.

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I have a 18 mo who is almost weaned. We've had a really great nursing relationship! For us, DD nursed 8-10x from birth until probably close to 10 mo even though she was eating several good solid meals. During this time, it was special because she really needed boob and I could provide her nutrition ad comfort. Lukcily we didn't have any probems nursing other than a couple of plugged ducts.

Then she dropped to 4-6x until about 12-14 mo. I think the spacing gradually widened, rather than me purposefully eliminating a certain feeding. From then, I have been trying to wean her on a very gradual process. I only nurse her when she asked (by sign/words), and sometimes distract her with other food/activity. Sometimes I do feel a little nostalgic about when DD used to nurse a lot, but also feel very proud what a big girl she is!

Now DD nurses 1-2x per day. The one feeding we still have is the bedtime feeding. Sometimes she asks for boob for nap or as a treat. I always nurse her when asks for it. Otherwise we are done. I think it worked out well because it has been very gradual. Plus the 1-2x she nurses, she is super ecstatic jumping up & down happy, so that's great. Nursing is definitely a special psychological treat, more than nutrition or comfort at this point.

A couple of weeks ago, DD woke up at night (usually STTN) and I went to nurse her. And she said, "no, no, water!" I was like, what do you mean you don't want wonder boob? But then I realized she is old enough to tell me what she needs! I was so proud!!!

I think you can always look at thing glass half full or half empty. You can get upset your baby is not nursing, or you can celebrate your baby is growing up and becoming a toddler. I think no matter how many times your child nurses, it still is a very special bond. Also, I feel you have to let go & let your child decide.

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My DS is almost 17 months. Some days he eats lots of solids, some days he does not. He still nurses quite often, but in short little "snacks" most of the time, or for comfort. If we are out of the house and he is really busy he forgets all about nursing. If we are home I find that he wants to nurse constantly. I just go with the flow and nurse him when he asks, or offer when I need to comfort or distract him. (which is often!) I can't remember when things started slowing down with DS1, but he weaned not long after he turned 2 and we had been down to only bedtime for a couple of months.

Have you ever read the book "How Weaning Happens" from LLL? It is really excellent. It has a ton of stories about nursing toddlers and how things change as they get older. I highly recommend it.
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For us, if things are routine and we're at home doing nothing each would nurse at typical intervals, 1-3 hours between. As they get older they'll just skip it if out of the house or busy. Never miss a before sleep nursing though, not til the first was past 2 and near weaning, not yet for the 1 year old. As toddlers nursing still soothes and hurt or upset best.
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I think its different. With my oldest he nursed the same amount from 5 months until he started weaning himself when I got pregnant. He still nursed until he was 22 months old but solids really didn't seem to have an effect on his nursing appetite. I think if anything he just didn't eat very many solids until he was totally done nursing.

My second is 8 months old and we are doing BLW with him. He would eat solids all day long. He loves to nurse but if he eats very much solids wise at all, he doesn't nurse well. I have been just nursing him right before and then right after the times he has solids. Some days I just don't give him the solids.

Does this make any sense?? Its late and I haven't slept.

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