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My SIL has a 6 month old son (EBF) and she just found out that she's pregnant.They have yet to do an ultrasound (maybe today), but the doctor thinks she's about 12 weeks (from palpating). Although she EBFs now, when the baby was first born there was a lengthy hospitalization and the baby was tube fed for about 5 weeks.I think that period kind of revoked the fertility-suspending benefits of breastfeeding.

Anyways, it would be a shame for a baby so young to lose his milkies, you know? Any suggestions/ words of wisdom? I lost milk between babies but then again my babies were a little older ( they were at least 18 months when I got pregnant).

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I got pregnant with my second when my first was 6 months from good, old-fashioned, not being careful.

I nursed the older one until he was 17 months. So I didn't suppliment at all. He was a good solids eater and I had a good supply. I know the milk supply went down but I never supplimented.

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this is good to know; DH and I aren't always careful either, and my main contention is that I want DS to nurse for at least a year. he is 6 months old now. As long as my supply could keep up during pregnancy, I am beginning to think, why wait? LOL (if he weren't such a lovely baby, I might not be having these thoughts! sleeps well, eats well, happy!)

eta: I think some women's fertility returns regardless of EBF's status. I have had two AF's thus far, one at 4 months PP and the second a week ago. might also be because DS normally sleeps through - and has, since about 8 wks old - the high pro-lactin period at night (1-4 AM).

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Mine didn't dry up at all between my first and second pregnancies. DS was 15mo when I got pregnant.

It did get pretty low between all the girls but I think that could be attributed to not feeding them as often as I was really sore.
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It IS really sad for such a little baby if he loses that nursing relationship.
According to, 70% of women will notice a drop in supply during pregnancy.
An option if that happens is to use an at-the-breast supplementer – a SNS or Lact-Aid – and formula (or donor BM if available) so that the nursling stays at the breast, gets as much BM as possible and can tandem with the new sibling (if that's what mom wants to do).

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I nursed my oldest until 6 weeks before I had my second. He always seemed satisfied after nursing but he was older too. He was 15m when I got pregnant. HTH!

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