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I joked with my family that our new DS (2 weeks today) is all "man"... he's only happy when he's sleeping or eating.

That's not totally true, he will have short periods of wakefulness where he is sort of happy, but they are short lived and he wants lots of position changes.

When it comes to evening time he would really like to nurse every hour (or less). I did try it a couple evenings, and during a wakeful/fussy 12:30 a.m. to 3:00 a.m., but it didn't seem to help, once he was done nursing he was fussy again. He also kept burping and letting milk drool out of his mouth.

Mostly I think I should just wait it out... he's only 2 weeks old - but its so sad to watch DH walking him around when he's fussy, but has just nursed, and he's trying to suck DH's arm, neck, face... (We do have a pacifier, which will calm him sometimes, but other times he really fights it.)

Any ideas? I see posts about cluster feeds - but when I've tried nursing "on his demand", it doesn't really seem to help. Unless he's sleeping (when he can go 3-4 hours), we are usually nursing at least every 2 hours (give or take 15 minutes).

(He's already regained his birth weight, +5 ounces!)

Now that I re-read my post, it seems to really have no question. Blame it on lack of sleep. Well, then, I guess I'll ask for other experiences!

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I think 2 weeks old is a growth spurt time, and his frantic nursing is his way to increase your milk supply to meet his needs.

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My DS is 10 days old, and right from the start he was nursing non-stop for hours at a time. Last Sunday, he nursed for 8 straight hours - I only got a break to go to the bathroom and change clothes. He didn't lose a single ounce from his birth weight and I know he's getting enough milk - tons of wet dipes. He just loves to nurse, whether for food or for comfort. Right now, DH is still at home and is taking care of our DD, the house, and playing servant to all my needs as well, but I'm getting nervous about when he goes back to work and DS can't nurse as long because I HAVE to take care of DD...HTH

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Mine wanted to nurse every hour or less from about 3pm until about midnight, 1am,at that age...she's 2.5 months and still wants to. Makes it difficult to make dinner, or eat, or anything. Dh tries but she just wants me, to nurse. She'll tolerate him for short periods as long as he walks around. I really hope it gets better soon. I get so sore, not to mention touched out!

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Evening cluster feeding and fussiness are pretty standard with tiny ones. Honestly, I expected to sit and nurse all evening for the whole first year after DD1 I would continue to nurse on demand, especially with such a tiny one. He's still working to establish your milk supply. Take care of yourself too - don't feel bad about him fussing while you eat dinner or go to the bathroom, but let someone else cook and put your feet up and just nurse

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You just described my dd at that age! It felt like we did nothing but nurse. In the evenings there was a 3 or 4 hour period where we would nurse both sides, I'd have a 5 to 10 miniute break to use the bathroom and then it would start all over again, and repeat, repeat, repeat. She never really "took" a pacifier. I thought my nipples would fall off. But I never worried that she wasn't getting enough to eat since like you I could see it rolling out of her mouth. And she would be so full that she would fuss. You know how they tell you that when their full they will let go? My dd would/can nurse until she fusses and/or pukes. We used to call her the bottemless pit. I used to be so jealous of the moms who would nurse their babies and then have a "guarenteed" 2 hour break. Here's the thing though, she started sleeping 4 hour streatches after her nursing marathon, and then it was 6 hour streatches and by three months it was 9 hours straight! She is 6 months old now, has started solids 3 times a day, and she still has her nursing marathon which now is about 2.5 hours long. She sleeps 7 hours a night and takes a two hour nap everyday with a "nursing marathon" before each one. She still nurses to the point of fussiness because she is so full. We always tease her and say "do you need to lay down and unbutton your sleeper?" I think that since breastmilk wears off so quickly, in order to sleep long streatches they have to tank up. Nothing in this mothering business is free. My baby slept through the night at an early age but I had to pay for that by nursing marathons and never having a guarenteed break. What helped me was timing how long she nursed on each side. I can't remember how long it was at 2 weeks, but now we nurse 20 miniutes per side. If she's still hungry after both sides I have DH hold her if he's home if not I put her down and I take a 5 to 10 minute break to use the bathroom, get a drink of water etc. and then we start over. As she's gotten older she's become more tolerent of the breaks. Also maybe try burping him halfway through each side. If dd has a burp she will nurse on top of it and then puke to this day. Burps take up room in their tummy. Your nursing sessions might get more effecient if you take care of those early. Hope this helps and hang in there.
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Evening cluster feeding is really normal. If a pacifier or a clean finger isn't satisfying him, then he probably really does want milk. You tend to have less milk in general in the evening, so it may be that he's wanting to nurse more often because he isn't getting as much milk. If he nurses and then wants to nurse again an hour (or less) later, offer him the breast he last nursed from. Do this for at least a 2 hour period before switching. He may just want to comfort suck and doesn't want the milk afterall. I would try the pacifier as well.

At 2 weeks babies generally "wake up" and are more alert in the evenings. Babywearing and skin to skin contact during these times can be really important. Try taking a bath together or pop him in a sling/carrier and go for a walk. I used to bounce with my newborns on the exercise ball while I watched a TV show . They both loved this.

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sounds like a growth spurt. Make sure you're taking care of yourself, keep nursing a lot, and soon it will settle into a pattern.

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Originally Posted by cchrissyy View Post
sounds like a growth spurt. Make sure you're taking care of yourself, keep nursing a lot, and soon it will settle into a pattern.
It defintely could be a growth spurt, but this was also typical behaviour for both of my newborns. It lasted until just before the 12 week mark.

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nak...it's night-time tank up now for my 10wk ds...totally normal momma! Just make sure to get comfy before it starts, and keep that water bottle nearby (for you). Also, it's ok to set the lo down if you need to use the rr or grab another snack, even if the lo fusses. We say 7-11 is our un-sociable time, and try to be home by then to make it easier.
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My DD was the same way, she nursed constantly from the time she was born. She would nurse two hours on, 20 minutes off. This lasted until 3 months. Then she would go for a week of constant nursing, then take a week where she would nurse less, then go back to nursing around the clock again. She has gradually slackened off, but she still cluster feeds at least once a week at 10 months. She eats solids now, but she still nurses after she eats. She is just a hungry little bugger!! She also nurses between 3-5 times a night.

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Sounds normal to me, too! I for one was VERY surprised at how often newborns nurse. I just had no idea! I think my dd averaged every 45 minutes all day long for at least a couple of months.

One thing that helped my LO with fussiness when nursing didn't seem to be it was to pop her in the Moby wrap. I discovered that one evening accidentally. I just needed to get out of the house and walk the dogs, and I figured we could be home and fussy or out walking and fussy (I would just ride it out and fall to bed exhausted) so I put on the Moby, put her in, got the dogs ready, and she was quiet and happy! That thing was magic for us! So even if your DH is the one to hold your LO sometimes during fussy times, a wrap of some kind might just help!

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