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slowgoing's Avatar slowgoing 12:23 PM 07-28-2010
I am the new breastfeeding coordinator at the University of New Mexico and I am so excited to tell you all it is possible to be both a nursing mother and a college student! Check out what my program has to offer. I nursed my son for 3 years and have been on and off these boards for about 9 years.
And please PM me if you have any questions or need any help nursing and going back to school!

ecoteat's Avatar ecoteat 01:37 PM 07-28-2010
Wow! That's great! I've never even considered a college taking such pro-breastfeeding action.
slowgoing's Avatar slowgoing 03:28 PM 07-28-2010
I am so excited to be part of this great program!

annettemarie's Avatar annettemarie 04:44 PM 07-28-2010
That's awesome! I am actually going to move this out to our main forum, as per the forum guidelines, and I would really encourage you to share this in Lactivism as well!
crystal_buffaloe's Avatar crystal_buffaloe 09:14 AM 07-29-2010
This is incredible! I teach part-time at two different small colleges, and I'm going back to work August 9th. You'd think no one at either school had ever breastfed/needed to pump because of all the trouble I had coming up with a place to do it. Having a hospital-grade pump available so as not to have to drag my pump around between two campuses and home would be fantastic! Way to go!
andlee's Avatar andlee 01:58 PM 07-29-2010
I'm at Baylor law (a small school in Waco, TX), and they're making me a lactation room before I go back in August. Very exciting
slowgoing's Avatar slowgoing 08:43 PM 08-12-2010
Thank you!! I am running a support group too. PM me if you all want details.
AshleytheIslander's Avatar AshleytheIslander 12:27 AM 08-13-2010
wow, that's so awesome!

I tried to go back to school when my daughter was 4 months old. I would bike home between classes to nurse her. It didn't work out and I had to drop my classes
AmaraMonillas's Avatar AmaraMonillas 12:36 AM 08-13-2010
This is so awesome!!
My friend (who I got to be doula for) is only 19 and went back to school right after having her daughter. She told me that the only readily available outlet she knew of was next to a vending machine in a hall... so she would sit on the floor with a blanket over the pump! I am sooooo proud of her (almost 1yr and going strong on ebm). But I would be so much happier if she had this kind of support