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Old 08-12-2010, 01:39 PM
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Originally Posted by KristyDi View Post
Here's a video I made of how DD and I NIP. I'm a G cup so maybe it'll help.
I'm always thrilled when you post at video.

I'm not shy in the slightest. I don't particularly care if my flabby belly shows either. I don't have 'proper nursing attire'. I mostly wear t-shirts and I just pull them up. Layered shirts bug the heck out of me so I don't wear them. If I've ever been given a dirty look I totally missed it. No one seems to care. I nurse *everywhere*. I still nurse my 26 month old anywhere/everywhere she wants to be nursed even around my huge pregnant belly. (Although I do prefer having drape necked shirts/dresses on these days because pulling up a maternity shirt is overwhelming.)

My advice may not be appropriate for you. That's ok. You are just fine how you are and I am the right kind of me.

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Originally Posted by lazzybee View Post
I have no idea how you all are so discrete! Please share!
I'm nursing my baby in my photo right there

I wear little shelf bras (I'm not big chested, 30DD) and mostly just plain t-shirts. I lift them both up to nurse. If she pops off (and she does), I lean forward a bit, so my nipple is hidden behind her head until she latches back on. If she does it frequently, I take it as a hint that she'd not 100% interested in nursing, and we stop and try again later.

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We used a cover when DS was a newborn -- we had some serious difficulties and I would have felt way too on display without the cover, since it took some interesting maneuvers to get & keep him latched. But once we got better at BF'ing I ditched the cover (or... uh... DS ditched it!) and have been nursing cover-free ever since. It's a thousand times more convenient, and still no one sees my breasts.

I think more people are BF'ing that may have chosen not to before? And having a cover makes them feel more comfortable NIP?

Oh also if I'm wearing a bathing suit I have to pull the top down to nurse (I usually pull my shirt up) so then I will cover the top of my breast with a towel or something. Actually I hate wearing a bathing suit, I always feel so on display (way more than when I'm nursing, ironically!), I wish I could just wear a towel the whole time I'm swimming lol

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I use a blanket to cover up. I feel more comfortable doing it and I could not care less what someone else thinks. I don't care if they know I am breastfeeding. I am not trying to hide it.

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Originally Posted by KristyDi View Post
Here's a video I made of how DD and I NIP. I'm a G cup so maybe it'll help.
ooh, thanks! I love those tanks! I'm inspired to keep on trying.
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I also started off using a cover (my mom found a pattern online and sewed it for me) and then as DD got older I stopped using it. When she was little a cover helped me feel more confident about NIP (For example attending a baseball game with my in-laws). Also, when she was tiny, if she happened to fall asleep nursing when we were out in public, being covered definitely helped her extend that sleep, keeping it nice and dark and sound a bit more muffled.

As she got older, I was a lot more confident. DD didn't enjoy the cover as much and almost never fell asleep when something interesting was going on. So we kind of phased it out - I think we weren't really using it by 7 or 8 months.

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No. I do not cover up. I'm 27 weeks pregnant and still nursing my 3 year old. I think I covered up with my first nursling in the very early days... but I found it to be more of a distraction than anything. Totally not worth it!

Nic, loving mama to 5 with a SURPRISE 6th on the way.

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I do not use a cover and have never used one in the 10+ total years I've nursed my children. I feel comfortable NIP and don't think I've ever offended anyone else.
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I've been nursing babes on and off for about 18 years and haven't ever really felt the need to cover my breasts. (I'm just a C/D cup though) When wearing something like a tank top I have used my ring sling to cover my side where a rather large amount of skin shows. I have also used a blanket when I know I'm around folks that are less than receptive to NIP.
I've never had to nurse in "close quarters" like on an airplane or at a sporting event as a pp mentioned so I'm not certain how I'd feel in that situation.
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I used to cover up more, but it's been way too hot this summer. And I'm glad because I am now a lot more comfortable nursing without a cover. If I pull down my shirt to nurse and more of my breast is exposed, I do try to cover it, but usually that is not an issue.

Most moms here do cover up. But I do notice the occasional person not doing so.

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Never. I really don't like them. I don't really care if anyone sees any part of my breast - it's just skin. We all have nipples. I'm a lot braver sitting here typing than I am in public - I do tend to try to avoid "flashing" - but I'd rather flash than act as though there's something shameful about my breasts.

I do wear nursingwear quite a lot though, because while I quite like my breasts and don't mind showing them off, I'm less confident in that stomach flab! Plus they're warmer

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My dad's wife has given me a few nursing covers, and I don't plan on using them ~ my baby's really young still and I've only NIP twice as of yet, but both times were fine by me. For the first time, I was in Starbucks and just went to a quiet corner, I felt more comfortable not being in the middle of the busy cafe. I am admittedly a little shy about exposing my breast, so what I do is wear nursing clothing or, with regular shirts you can use one of those pregnancy belly-bands to cover your torso while the shirt is pulled up. And I then make sure my breast is mostly covered by the shirt or my son's head.

However, I think in certain situations, like an airplane, I may nurse while DS in in the wrap or use a cover, just because that's REAL close-up!

But I agree with PPs, that nursing covers draw attention to the fact that you're nursing, but yeah they do cover-up nicely so if that's the point then they do the job. Anyway I live in Germany and luckily people are pretty indifferent to NIP here. I think the way people get offended or ask a woman not to NIP is quite an American phenomenon.

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As a PP said, it's too hot here and it's another thing to carry. I do wear nursing tops, though. And I'm not bothered if someone else wants to use a cover, as long as it's not expected of everyone.

Amy, wife to Paul 5/20/01, SAHM to Daniel 5/23/07, Claire 7/15/09, and Elaine 9/4/12

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Originally Posted by SubliminalDarkness View Post
Nope, never. Not under any circumstance. I also won't leave the room to nurse.
This exactly.

When my son was very new still (the first month or 2) I was a little hesitant or shy about being in public and I think I remembering covering him and myself sometimes. Then I just got more and more used to it and comfortable. I almost started viewing it as my mission to nurse as publicly as possible, lol.

Now I barely even think about it. We live in a college town with a lot of guys in their 20s.. (I'm in my 20s as well) and there has been the occasional time I have looked down and realized that baby has flashed my breasts and that guys are looking and pointing it out to their friends, lol. But it really doesn't even bother me anymore.

And honestly I can't imagine the extra logistics of juggling a cover. He's 1 yr old now and he is enough to juggle!
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Originally Posted by lazzybee View Post
Sometimes. I'm more comfortable using it because my LO likes to pop off and look around constantly.
I wished I'd have gotten one for this reason. But you said you do just fine without it so I'd skip it. I wanted one for me, not because I think moms need to be covered.

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I cover when in mixed company, but like the nursery at church when it's just ladies in there? Pft! Yeah right. I'm just not comfortable exposing any body part (breast, stomach, back, whatever). I am very self conscious, and I have worshipped with sexual offenders/predators before and wouldn't want to do ANYTHING (even though it SHOULDN'T, doesn't mean it DOESN'T) to cause them to lust/sin.

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