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mamatwig's Avatar mamatwig 05:47 PM 12-24-2010



so i have a 4month old who is exclusively bf. lately im just not feeling great. i get very foggy headed, and dizzy. here is the thing, i have an ADHD 4yr old ds a 2yr old ds and our4month old ds, the baby has been up A lot in the night and i definitely am exhausted. i also work 2 nights a week at a salon. i am not great at taking my prenatals, i try but im so busy i forget a lot. and i try to eat well but eating has never been a huge deal for me so sometimes i find myself realizing i havent had breakfast at 1 pm. i am a very thin person, have always had a very fast metabolism. i know all of these reasons could be making me feel this way.


The thing is though, the baby is not a huge nurser, he is very petite and eats till content. i guess i am just looking to see if anyone else has felt like this while breastfeeding. as im typing all this im telling myself this is exactly why you feel this way, but then sometimes i wonder is it something else? is something wrong with me?

Springshowers's Avatar Springshowers 07:51 AM 12-25-2010

It just sounds to me like you have your hands full! Try to eat more and maybe if you can get more sleep. If you're already thin then the extra calories flowing out to the baby really need to be replaced regularly, or your body won't have enough calories to keep things functionally optimally. Maybe you're going into ketosis or something where your body is burning muscle for energy.. definitely EAT MORE!


Is there something quick you can make available for a really fast breakfast? Even if it's just a bowl of cereal with frozen berries, and milk? Or eggs you boil ahead of time? Or a blender full of smoothie you make a day ahead of time? Honestly even store bought smoothie with fruit and greens you can just drink out of the fridge is better than not eating until 1 pm!


Please take care of yourself and enjoy your little one!!

KoalaMommy's Avatar KoalaMommy 08:16 PM 12-25-2010

It really sounds like low blood sugar to me.  Can you stash some snacks in your purse or diaper bag, like nuts or something whole grain?  The only other thing that would cross my mind would be thyroid issues, because the shifts in hormones after birth can cause low thyroid problems, but the thin, fast metabolism doesn't really fit with that.  Unless you're unusually tired and cold, that wouldn't be my first guess.

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