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mothering.com_banner_v1_070711_300x250[2].pngAs a nurse-midwife and lactation consultant who made a conscious decision back in college not to go into business, I would have never dreamed that I’d someday own a business of my own; however the birth of my first child in Sweden led me down an unexpected pathway (doesn’t it often!).  Having already made the decision to use cloth diapers, I was very curious when I saw an ad for woolen nursing pads.  
My daughter had already been born, and I was struggling with some of the worst sore nipples I have ever witnessed in my career as a lactation consultant, mastitis,& low milk supply (I was not an LC at the time - this experience is what drove me to want to help other women avoid this!).  I’d given up on cotton and disposable nursing pads, which just tore my sores open once they’d begun to heal.
When my LANACare nursing pads arrived, I was thrilled at how soft they were!  They felt so soothing, even against my open wounds – and no sticking to the sores!  They felt dry and warm against my skin, unlike the cotton pads, which became cold & clammy once I leaked.  I even noticed that the episodes of burning pain in whitened nipples stopped. At the time I had no idea what was happening – there was nothing in the literature about vasospasms until years after this. The warmth of the wool keeps blood vessels dilated, helping relieve the pain and symptoms of vasospasms, which some women can experience. Soon after starting with the pads, my nipples healed, my milk amount increased, and I no longer needed to use the supplements I’d started with. The pads were so easy to care for because of the self-cleansing properties of the wool – I washed them about every other week. When one pair felt wet, I switched, letting the other air dry – these two pairs carried me through breastfeeding both of my children.   
A friend of mine who was breastfeeding twins also bought the pads when she saw me using them. She loved her LANACare nursing pads, as well. Having an abundant milk supply with her twins, she easily developed plugged ducts. She found the advice Swedish midwives gave held true – keep your breasts warm to help prevent plugged ducts. Even going out to get her mail from her mailbox could result in plugged ducts for her; when she wore her LANACare woolen nursing pads, she was fine. She was absolutely amazed with them.
Both of our experiences convinced me to import LANACare nursing pads to the U.S. when we moved back. I’ve since heard many stories that echo what my friend and I had experienced. Once women started using LANACare nursing pads, their breastfeeding problems began to take a turn for the better and breastfeeding became what they’d always hoped it would be!
Janice Emanuelsson, RN, BSN, IBCLC &
Swedish Nurse-Midwife

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Wool nursing pads are the greatest.