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Bri'sgirl's Avatar Bri'sgirl 11:11 AM 09-13-2011

Due to some problems early on, I am working with a LC to go from EP to EBF.  For the transition, we decided that I would use a nipple shield for a short time and then wean from that.  DS is 3 1/2 weeks old and seems to be taking to not using the shield just fine.


I have a couple questions, though.


1.  Does the baby take milk more efficiently without using the shield?  DS seems to nurse for less time when he's not using the shield, but seems just as content. 


2.  While using the shield, DS latches on and nurses continuously without stopping.  Without the shield, he is on and off the breast throughout the time he is nursing.  He isn't really fussy, just more active, I guess.  Is this normal?  Why do you suppose he is doing this?  Perhaps it relates to my first question and he is just getting more milk more quickly and is pulling away because of that. 


I appreciate any input on this.


Thank you!!

Megan73's Avatar Megan73 11:35 AM 09-13-2011
I think you're right - he's getting milk faster without the shield.
When I used a shield my LC told me that it would reduce milk transfer and I needed to make sure to pump after feedings so it wouldn't decrease supply. I would guess your LO nurses continuously with the shield because he has to work harder to transfer milk. If he's happy nursing without the shield and - most importantly - gaining weight well, then I think you've successfully made the transition.
Good on you, mama!
Bri'sgirl's Avatar Bri'sgirl 05:13 PM 09-13-2011

Megan, my LC didn't mention anything about decreasing supply by using the shield, but that makes sense.  She did give me a 3 step thing to follow, which was nurse for 10 minutes on each side (with the shield), then pump for another 10 minutes (both sides) and then supplement at least 1 oz of pumped milk.  I followed that for one week, then we changed it to nurse with the shield as long as ds wanted on each side with no pumping.


I am going to start going to a BF Peer support group tomorrow.  They have a scale to weigh your baby, so I'll make sure I weigh him for a few weeks to make sure he is gaining enough. 


Thank you!!