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suebee2003's Avatar suebee2003 11:58 AM 09-27-2011


I'm new to this board. My DS is 5 1/2 months old. Our Dr gave the ok for us to start introducing solids. I would like his first solid to be yogurt made from my breastmik. I think that is the best choice for us. I told the doc that and got the ok to do so. Now I have some questions.


1. if I use frozen breastmilk to make the yogurt what would the shelve life of the yogurt be?

2. has anyone on this board make yogurt from their milk? How'd it turn out?

3. Did you use the hot water method or crockpot method to make it?



Thanks for your help!!!

foreverinbluejeans's Avatar foreverinbluejeans 09:05 AM 09-29-2011

Breastmilk yogurt is just another form of breastmilk and isn't introducing solids. Introducing "solids" means introducing complementory foods. People say solids because complementory is a hard word for most people to understand and spell. Some moms start with jar food, some make their own food that they spoon feed, and some mash food with a fork and let the baby self-feed.


You don't have to have a doctor's okay to start solids if your baby was full term and healthy. Doctors usually have little training in nutrition in nutrtion or breastfeeding. It is better to find information from people that have experience and expertise and organizations that are known to have good information.


Here are instructions for breastmilk yogurt.


Here is more info than you ever want to have on starting solids


Kellymom is always a good place to look for information. There was an article in Mothering Magazine a couple of years ago about the importance of starting a wide variety of foods early on so your baby would like a lot of foods. I couldn't find it searching quickly. Maybe someone else remembers it.


There has been recent (last 10 years) research and articles that you can find on the AAP website. What they are saying is that there is no reason to delay starting foods that are likely to cause alleries including peanuts in the first year. Still no cow or goat or any other mammal milk the first year. There is no evidence that not feeding babies these foods helps prevent allergies.  

foreverinbluejeans's Avatar foreverinbluejeans 09:27 AM 09-29-2011

I wanted to add a little more. My computer was acting wacky and I couldn't spell check or add more but I was able to post. I am giving you more info than you asked for. Sometimes when mothers ask a question they want more info about everything on a topic.


From my experince the evidence that I have read I think it is best for most babies to start solids between 6-7 months. The easiest and best way to feed babies is to mash foods a little and let them feed themselves. Banana or avocado are good first foods. Feed a wide variety of foods by 12 months. There is no need to wait a week between introducing new foods in the normal baby. I would avoid milk products like cheese and yogurt before 12 months but most people think they are okay.