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jenrose's Avatar jenrose 07:14 PM 10-11-2011


Just got back from picking up some CPAP supplies from the medical supply company. They had a Medela Pump N Style sitting on the counter behind the receptionist, and I said, "Oh, you rent pumps?"
They looked at my file and said, "Oh, your insurance will buy one for you. And since you've met your deductible and OOP max for the year, it will be free."
I said, "Do I have to wait until the baby is born to pick it up? Do I need a prescription? I'm due December 25, and I'd rather not have to pick it up in the new calendar year."
They smiled and said, "Early December is fine, and you don't need a prescription."
$250 I don't have to spend. And no hoops to jump through.
Between that and the fact that the midwife will encapsulate the placenta for free... my husband should be rather happy. Almost $500 of potential expenses, averted. :)
So check your insurance coverage, ladies. Everyone gets pumps covered next year, August, but some companies (Mine is blue cross/regence) are ahead of the curve.