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Weaning from the the pump at work

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DD will be 1 year on Saturday.  I am thrilled to have made it to my goal of EBFing  for a year while working FT as a high school teacher.  That said, I am VERY ready to be done pumping at work b/c it has seriously decreased my productivity at work and my sleep and family pay for this on the weekends!  I currently pump at 9:30 am and 13:30 pm.  Any suggestions for how to drop these pumping sessions without getting mastitis?

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Haven't done it myself yet (looking forward to it though), but what I hear is that you decrease the length of your pumping sessions by a couple minutes, wait a few days for your supply to adjust, then decrease by a couple more minutes, and so on until you're done.

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To go from 2 to 1 session, I moved both sessions back in the day, half hour or hour at a time until the first session was around lunchtime and the last was pushed to when I saw my DD again. After that, I slowly decresed the amount of time pumping at the one session (maybe 5 minutes less every 2-3 days or so) as well as pushing it later in the day at the same time. That worked fine for me. Just go as slowly as you need to for your body to adjust.
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