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EmilyInArgentin's Avatar EmilyInArgentin 09:54 AM 05-24-2012

Hello!  I'm a first time mother-to-be living in Argentina about to have a baby boy.  I'm almost 8 months along and I had a strange question.  My mom sent me 'Traditional Medicinals Organic Pregnancy Tea' which is great and has great all organic ingredients to get ready for birth, but I noticed it contained Spearmint. 


Raspberry Leaf

Strawberry leaf

Nettle Leaf

Spearmint leaf?

Bitter Fennel Fruit

Rose Hip

Alfalfa Leaf

Lemon Verbena Leaf


I know spearmint is used to decrease milk supply in breastfeeding women.  I've been avoiding anything minty since then so as to have plenty of milk for when the baby is born.  I even have to make my own toothpaste!


I thought maybe the other ingredients might counteract the affects of spearmint, or maybe spearmint won't affect my milk supply during pregnancy.  I'm stumped! Can anyone help me out?

MichelleZB's Avatar MichelleZB 11:04 AM 05-24-2012

I'm not really sure the mint stays in your system long enough to effect your milk supply weeks or months later. For instance, my flagrant use of minty toothpaste hasn't lowered my abundant milk supply.


Best thing for good milk supply:

--baby on chest right after birth

--latch baby on as soon as possible and feed as often as possible

--skin-to-skin contact with baby

--enough water and adequate diet

--did I mention to nurse on demand as often as possible?


You're probably okay with the tea.

EmilyInArgentin's Avatar EmilyInArgentin 07:19 AM 05-25-2012

Thanks for the tips! It also looks like some of the other herbs are lactogenic herbs now that I've done a little more research.  Maybe the put the mint in so as to not have an oversupply and give it a yummy flavor.  Thanks again Michelle.

Quinalla's Avatar Quinalla 11:46 AM 06-12-2012
Yes, I wouldn't drink it once you start breastfeeding (mint affected me really strongly when I had mint tea one day while BFing without thinking about it), but it will be fine while pregnant!