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My 4mo ds has had a rash since the 1st week of his life.  At about 3 mos it got really bad.  I thought it was impetigo - maybe it was, maybe it wasn't.  At the time when he had some honey colored ooze from his rash, it did respond to a prescription antibiotic cream.  But now it doesn't seem to respond so much though its not oozing now - just VERY red and inflamed clusters around his face. It looks like that just has to hurt.  Is eczema typically red?   It does have some flaking on it but its not necessarily dry and hard feeling.  It looks more red, raised, fleshy and swollen than dry.  The doctors keep telling me its eczema and atopic dermatitis.  I feel so helpless.  I've tried to eliminate foods.  And then the doctor told me that if it was a food allergy it would be all over his body.  And that its not healthy for me and the baby to avoid all those foods since I BF.  I don't know what to do anymore.  I feel so sorry for my poor boy and I feel like a crappy mom.  

I am going to try to the elimination diet again.  Any idea on how long it takes to rid this stuff from his and my system?  When would I normally see results or changes if it is a food allergy?  Is there anything safe that I can do to speed the process along to rid this from our systems?  

Also, I'm starting us on probiotics tomorrow. 


I could really use some good advice.  Please help

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I have no experience with eczema so I can't help there. I have read that it takes at least two weeks for dairy and other common allergens to clear the body.

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I think two weeks is a good rule to clear everything out, but I would repost this in the allergy forums. The moms over there were really great when I was dealing with this with my youngest 3 years ago. I would have been totally lost without their help.


These are some good threads to start with as well...

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Your doctor is mistaken. My ds has a severe dairy allergy and just had a tiny bit of eczema on his legs from it. I had to cut it from my diet entirely...even a tiny bit in bread or something will set him off. I would definitely try an elimination diet.
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Yep, I've heard of tons of moms with babes that had eczema which cleared up with dietary adjustment (in all the cases I know of the allergen was dairy)


My DD did not have eczema, but, she did have a bad diaper rash and these wierd spots all over her body...I was also told it wasn't an allergy...what a strange "coincidence" that it cleared up when I cut dairy and soy and even a stranger "coinicidence" that it comes back if I cheat on my diet!

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Be careful with the probiotic - it took me ages to find one that was dairy and soy free for my DS.

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For starters, you are not a crappy mom, but you feel helpless and i'm picking up that the doctors aren't the most reasurring presence in your life. we've all been there. i'd say continue along the path your on, trying an elimination diet is generally a good thing to do. 


it's hard to advise you on what the rash might actually be, so i'd rather not speculate,  but my family use a cream that has been wonderful  for us and many others. its called Skin Salvation, from a company called Purepotion's who have pictures on their website with children who are similarly affected. 


i'd check them out, because the cream is 100%  natural and seems to have extraordinary effects on young children. if you need to chat go to their page they are a friendly bunch.


good luck and be kind to yourself 


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:hug Oh honey, I hear how frustrated you are.  I've been there.  My DD has eczema and I hate the feeling I get when she's all broken out and itchy and uncomfortable and there's so little I can do to fix it right then.  Dairy is the culprit with her and she almost never breaks out all over her body.  It's usually the backs of her legs and, if it's really bad, around her shoulders and elbows.  


I have found that soaking in an oatmeal bath is very soothing.  I just take plain old fashioned oats, whizz them up in the food processor for a bit (just breaks them up and lets the good stuff out faster not totally necessary) then tie them in a knee high stocking and toss it in the tub as it's filling.  with a 4mo old I'd get in the tub with the baby and make it a fun play time.  I remember rubbing the oatmeal bag around on DD's skin and letting her play with it.  Then after a good soak, get some good moisturizer on his skin immediately.

Kristy, wife to Josh proud mama to Katie: since 3/08 and Emma since 8/12.

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I came across a very similar story to yours.  9 month DD whose life (and mum's) was a misery because of the eczema. She had tried over 20 prescription medicines none of which did a great deal. Then the nurse suggested something which she tried, and virtually overnight it transformed all their lives.


If it worked for Florence, then it could be your answer.  Must be worth checking out

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