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parsley's Avatar parsley 10:39 AM 07-01-2012

Does anyone have any experience of information on treating an eye infection (pink eye) solely with breastmilk?  I've used that approach with DD1 for a few days one time and then ended up using rx drops for 2 days to clear up the last of it.  The baby and I both have the start of pink eye... I suspect my 4 year old does too but she's denying it.


I'm conflicted about trying to just use breastmilk v. getting a rx.  We're heading out of town on Weds so I can't really wait and see for too long since we'd need to get in and see our dr. tomorrow if we need the rx. 


I suppose we could just go and see the doc and get the rx and then wait and see about using it.  But, I'm not that eager to get into the peds office tomorrow am!  Anyone have any experiences or info to share to help make the decision?

dejagerw's Avatar dejagerw 08:03 PM 07-01-2012

I used it on the whole family. I read up a lot about it, and I actually discovered that a lot of pink eye is viral and the drops don't really do anything. Breast milk won't totally cure the viral cases either though, but it should help. Viral cases clear up on their own with time.


So, sometimes you'll hear a case where someone used breast milk and it cleared up in a couple days. (That case was probably bacterial, and the breast milk really helped). Other times you hear when someone tried it, and it didn't totally clear up, so they went on drops and it got better. Well, the drops might not have done it, by then the virus had run its course.


If you suspect pink eye, just start using the breast milk ASAP. You may nip it in the bud.

parsley's Avatar parsley 11:22 AM 07-02-2012

Thanks a lot for the info.  I think your explanation for viral/bacterial makes a lot of sense!  I always thought pink eye was only bacterial.  I started using breastmilk yesterday right after my post and her eye seems like it might be getting better instead of worse.  Mine still feels a little itchy but no real discharge, maybe we were able to nip it in the bud.  :)