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Is there a such thing as too much weight gain?  DD is three weeks old tomorrow, she weighs 10lbs.  At birth she was 7lbs6oz, but dropped to 7lbs at hospital discharge.  She's exclusively breastfed, she did have a day of formula when I had to be readmitted for complications on Day 3 postpartum.


She's got a huge fat neck and double (triple?) chin, leg rolls already, and is quite pudgy around the middle.  I have an oversupply and was actually worried about her not getting enough hindmilk (especially since she doesn't poop every day) but I think we're in the clear for that...


But is there a such thing as too much weight gain?  

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I suppose there could be. The 10lbs. at that age wouldn't concern me, but I think the gain is about double what is expected. Probably not a problem at all, but maybe just watch and see if the pattern continues. My lo has had some big gains and then was actually a few oz. less one week later, probably cause she had just pooped. Her thighs remind me of the Michelin tire man.


Eta. She was one of my smaller babies @ (only) 8lbs. at birth and lost quite a bit and is now in the 95th or so for weight and seems to be off the charts for length if I am reading them correctly.

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Nope, sounds perfect!  My babies were both preemies and packed on the pounds in the first 4 months before tapering off and becoming slender toddlers.


Keep up the good work mama!

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You must be making cream!!!

I don't remember how much my dk gained, but it was a lot in the first few weeks.

Keep up the good work!


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My DD was 6lbs 14 oz at birth, at her 1 month ped appt she was 10lbs 2.5oz  She looks like you describe your DD with the rolls and double chin. The Dr wasn't concerned at all and pronounced her very healthy.

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My DD was 7 lb 15 oz at birth, down 5oz at lowest point, then 10 lb 14 oz at 4 weeks. She was 16 lb 8 oz at 4 months and the chubbiest thing I've ever seen. She slowed way down around 6 months and now at 18 months is 27 lb. she's had the same girth around her waist since about 6 or 9 months and is just growing vertically it seems.
Breastfed babies lay down fat stores that help them develop later as toddlers and will be used in an optimal way. This kellymom article explains:

Your baby sounds just perfect. She is getting exactly what she needs and putting some away to help fuel her as a busy toddler many months from now. Hth
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I breast feed have lots of extra milk and my two month old only fits size 6 mo clothes, she's happy I'm happy and she's less fragile! Woohoo! She was 7lb and has doubled weight.

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