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I recently found out that I am pregnant with my 6th child.   I have a 7 month old baby that has never had a bottle or any solids - only mama milk.  I plan on introducing food within the next month or two.  My 3.5 yo still nurses daily - usually 1-3 times a day,  I believe in letting my children wean themselves, and I don't see my 3yo stopping any time soon, even though she will be 4 by then.  But the thought of nursing a newborn, 1 yo, and also a 4 yo is kind of overwhelming!  I have tandem nursed many times b/c I have 5 children and the older sibling has never been weaned yet, when the new baby was born.  But I've never had 3 nursing at once.  I will have to work on bedtimes/overnight.  My 3 yo still nurses on and off throughout the night and of course so does the baby.  I think by the time the baby comes I have to work on getting my 3 yo to go all night without nursing.  Any tips?

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When I was pregnant with my fourth baby, I was still nursing my then three year old dd and toddler ds. I ended up weaning dd during the pregnancy and tandem nursed the two boys. She was three years and ten months when I decided that I was done. 

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I nursed my three for 8 months before my eldest weaned at 4.5 years.  It wasn't really any big deal.  However, I always made it a point to nightwean during my pregnancy (lessens nursing overall, as I have a poor pg history, and my body gets horrendously uncomfortable from the start so nursing is miserable in the night).  Had we had to deal with night nursing for all three of them it likely would have been different.  But otherwise it didn't really feel like anything more than just tandeming to me! :)

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I have not done this, but your ladies where so great to do BF 3 kids.

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Good for you mama! I'm 8.5 months into triandem nursing my almost 4yo, 2.5yo, and 8.5mo. The oldest will be 4 in june and says he's weaning then, but we'll wait n see. The craziest time of day for me is bedtime. The older 2 are night weaned, but everyone nurses before bed. The three younger kids take a bath together and then either dh or my 7yo dd help out with getting them dried off, lotioned, and into jammies. I usually nurse the 2yo first and get him to bed, then the 3yo next on the same side, ad then little lady gets a breast all to herself before she goes down. In the morning the 3yo is up an hour or so before the 2yo, so he gets to nurse then and have a full breast to himself, and then things have refilled by the time the 2yo gets up for the day, so it all evens out. My best advice is to just take things a day at a time. I found it easy to get overwhelmed in the real early days. you may need to put some limits on when/how long the older ones nurse till you get into the swing of round the clock, every few hour newborn nursing again.

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