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jterrell86's Avatar jterrell86 10:33 AM 04-04-2013

Hello all, hopefully a good morning for everyone.  I'm in a bit of a dilema here and am looking for opinions.  I have a 2mo old baby boy who I've breast fed since birth.  I've just recently started back to work full time and am thinking of switching to formula.  I currently am able to feed him before work, on my lunch break and after work.  In the meantime I pump and am trying to stock up.  My dilema is this...what formula is best for an infant that's closest to breastmilk? (If there are any)



A couple people have told me instead of formula to put him on goat's milk since it's just like breastmilk.  I'm just not sure that's a good idea.  Any advice and opinions are welcome. 



Escaping's Avatar Escaping 10:48 AM 04-04-2013

Your question kind of depends what country you're in. In Canada there are strict regulations that formula companies have to adhere to so basically all mainstream formulas are the same, some just throw in some extra things in an attempt to separate themselves from their competitors. 

You can still continue to breastfeed and pump as much as you can, and then supplement the rest with formula. There are several charts available which compare different formulas and milks: this one is an example: http://www.naturesone.com/pdf/N1-LeadingDairyBrands.pdf#view=FitH,0

You might even be able to purchase or trade for breastmilk... I know http://www.hm4hb.net is a network some people swear by. 


I personally think your instincts about goats milk are correct, my son just turned 1 so I wanted to switch him away from formula as fast as possible and give him something more natural but he hasn't been on goats milk even a week and I'm already noticing a decline in his health. He tolerated it just fine, and had no issues whatsoever with digesting it but he just seems weaker, paler and not himself. His eyes look sunken in, the other day he scratched himself with a toy which left a purple bruise, he's tired all the time, etc. A week ago he was an exceptionally strong and healthy baby so regretfully I think I will have to switch him back to a stage 2 formula. 

jterrell86's Avatar jterrell86 11:14 AM 04-04-2013

Thanks for the reply....I'm in California.  I will most definitely check out that comparison chart.  As for the goats milk...thanks for that! I do plan on continuing to pump so I can leave milk with my mom and MIL while they watch him.  I don't really want him solely on formula but if that's what I gotta do then that's what I got to do.  I'm going to try my best to continue feeding/pumping. 

Springshowers's Avatar Springshowers 11:29 AM 04-04-2013
Read through the relevant information sheets here and your will a wealth of good information.

fayebond's Avatar fayebond 05:25 PM 04-04-2013

at that age, I would totally do formula, although you might try a mixture of goats milk and supplemental vitamen drops that my sister did, its recommended by dr. sears on his site.  When my mom was little, they recommended fresh made oat milk (oatmeal, blended w/water or milk, and strained) for premeeies and we have supplemented with this once or twice.  But since it was only like an ounce at a time, twice I think over hte last month, I can't exactly say "go oat".  It worked part time, and might not be a bad idea to add into the mix once you run out of pumped milk.  Just a thought.

lilbsmama's Avatar lilbsmama 07:08 PM 04-06-2013

First of all, congratulations for breastfeeding for  2 months. I have a few questions, though.


1. Are you able to pump at work?

2. Why do you feel like you need to switch to formula?

3. Are you opposed to donor milk?

phathui5's Avatar phathui5 01:38 AM 04-08-2013

There is not any "formula" out there that is even remotely close to human milk. Breastmilk is a living substance, with properties that we still have yet to understand. If there is anything that you can to keep your baby getting breastmilk, I would do it. 


This article on Dr Sears' site compares Human Milk and Formula:



Gryphonn's Avatar Gryphonn 11:00 AM 04-08-2013
I had an appointment with our ped last week and asked him about a formula our daughter's neonatologist recommended for supplementation (she was preemie, and we did end up going with only breastmilk, but at 5 months sometimes i daydream about switching on the tough days). The neonatologist called this formula "the ferrari of formula". Our ped told me, "breastmilk is the ferrari of formula". It was a good thing to hear and good to remember during tough times. Hopefully that isnt proselytizing too much. With a preemie i've done my share of pumping, so I understand how hard it is.
oops, forgot to answer. The neonatologist had recommended enfamil brand. We used it for exactly one feeding so i dont really have any good feedback.
fayebond's Avatar fayebond 12:09 PM 04-08-2013

I would add, when we did part formula for DD1, it didn't matter what brand we used, they all seemed to work the same.  I prefered the organic ones when I could get them on sale but honestly the local store brand and costco were what we went with.  (also, side note to the "keep bfing" crowd, some of us seriously do not produce enough milk to do that exclusively all the time.  But sometimes you can work back up.  I found that if I kept up on drinking enough fluids I was able to work into producing enough even after the whole pumping/supplementing thing, and go back to exclusive after awhile.)