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gentlymade's Avatar gentlymade 11:39 AM 04-08-2013
My little guy is three months old and thriving. My other two had different feeding challenges, but this is a new one for me. He falls asleep around 8 after nursing and sleeps till 1 or so. Then wakes to nurse again and goes back to sleep until 3. At 3 he wakes up to nurse again but won't stay asleep without a boob in his mouth. He nurses pretty much from 3 to 6 when we get up for the day. I have tried waking him to nurse before I fall asleep to push this routine back a couple hours, but he falls asleep again as soon as he starts nursing so he doesn't get a real feeding and is up again at his usual time. Any tips on how to alter this routine? I expect to feed him a few times at night at this point, but I would love to get rid of the early morning cluster feed.

sere234's Avatar sere234 12:13 PM 04-08-2013
Both my boys have done the early morning "must have Mama's breast in my mouth" routine. I have always assumed its because they seem to sleep lightly the closer it gets to their waking time. And the only thing I've been able to do is sleep nurse them so I can sleep longer. We bed share so it's not too hard to do. My ds1 has outgrown it but my 4 mo still does it most mornings, or will wake very half hour for that 5-7 am period. Good luck!
gentlymade's Avatar gentlymade 03:40 PM 04-08-2013
Thanks! I figured he would grow out of it and we are cosleeping too. Good to hear of someone else experiencing the same thing.