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supermansharma 05-07-2013 03:48 PM

I have 2 months old daughter. My milk supply has been just enough to feed her. I nurse her some sessions and pump some sessions around 2-3 times in a day. When she was eating around 2-3 oz my pumping session would make only that much. Now she can eat around 4-5oz and I was getting around 4-5oz ( total) in my pumping session. Suddenly my supply went down in one day, on Saturday the supply was around 4-5oz and on Sunday it can down to 0.5-1oz. 


I am already taking fenugreek and mother's milk tea. Things were going well so I had stopped fenugreek for 1-2 days, I think, and next thing that I see is sudden drop in milk.  I drank tons of liquid and started fenugreek and mother's milk tea on Monday and today (tuesday) the supply is little better 3.5oz total. 


I have also seen some days my supply suddenly increases to 6-7oz. I have no idea why.


Please help I am going crazy with this. I really wanted to successfully breastfeed this time as last time I could not.

tracyamber 05-07-2013 09:23 PM

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Are you menstruating? I know milk supply goes down around that time. It did for me. The hormones will do it.

supermansharma 05-07-2013 10:04 PM

No I do not have periods. In fact just on Saturday I stopped bleeding. I was bleeding/spotting from last 8 weeks from the time baby is born.

supermansharma 05-08-2013 11:14 PM

Any other tip?

ISISandOSIRIS 05-09-2013 10:30 AM

Pump output isn't the most accurate measure of supply. Are there any other indications? Are there wet and poo diapers? Does your baby seem lethargic/less alert?

My pump output sometimes fluctuates. Things that affect it, for me, are how recently and how much my son has nursed, stress, time of day...

If it seems to be going back up, and baby seems satisfied and hydrated, it could just be a temporary glitch. I would contact an IBCLC though, if you have further concerns.

supermansharma 05-09-2013 01:26 PM

Baby seems fine to me. Nursing little more than often but pee/poop seems fine. I give her bottle after nursing a couple of times and she doesn't seem to take much from bottle. She happy and playful. Just that I have zero milk in fridge. She even drinks whatever little bit I pumped after nursing.

How do I get nothing in pumping if there is milk when she nurses.

ISISandOSIRIS 05-09-2013 05:47 PM

Babies are much more efficient at getting milk than pumps are. There were times I pumped until I thought my breasts were emptied only to have baby suddenly get hungry (ug). I put him to what I thought would be an empty breast and he was still able nurse. Is there a reason you feel the need to give a bottle after? Your little one may not have needed the bottle even though she drank it. You may prefer to build a nice freezer stock for when you need someone to babysit.

MilaD 09-28-2013 04:47 AM

Milk may drop for many reasons. Think of anything that will redistribute the "energy" from making milk to more survival for the body needs. Like around periods (even if you're not menstruating); physical illness, even miner, body will priorities to "fix" the problem. 


Any supplements or dietary changes, (when I eat unusual foods my body like"What was that?I need an extra minute.:) I learned for me works for quick milk production food that my body is most familiar with." If you dropped supplements it's natural for the body to adjust for few days.


Eating lot's of carbs helps! I used to be raw vegan :)  Salads doesn't help make lot's of milk. (I heard some vegans successfully nursed, not me) So lot's of carbs is good. if your baby will start to have skin problems get rid of absolutely all dairy in your diet. Watch out for breads made with milk or butter (whole not-homogenized  milk might be different story). Sorry, for navigate away, but I thought to mention just it in case. 



Stress. Oh boy, I cant say enough about it. Stress doesn't have to be negative emotion, for me it's creative mind. More I strategically thinking, less milk I have.


Worried about not getting milk will do it to. Though it's more not letting down milk that leads eventually to less production. I used to use feeding time as caching up with my business on computer - big No-No.


 I bought a best formula I could find and always had it in the house for my peace of mind, just in case I'm not gonna have not enough milk. It helped. I never used it.


Drink lot's of water. I heard it so many times,but what is a lot?, My lactation consultant believes that nursing woman should drink to thirst, sometime I feel like I'would gag if I drink any more. When I eat salty food like mexican(w/out cheese :) I drink so much more water, I produce much more milk. )


Eat, pump, feed baby, rest, repeat. 24/7


About pumping. Old fashion hand milk extraction works so much better for me then any pump. However, rounding back not good for letting down. I have to stop and relax many times. Also it was helpful to experiment with different ways to massage breast, apply moist heat, twist the nipples, not thinking about pumping while massaging ect. For me laying down while nursing was always much more relaxing = more milk. My daughter still sleeps with me and get most of her milk at night. 


Little personal story: 

I'm not that lucky woman who have lot's of milk. Plus my breast are half functioning due to implants surgery while back. When my daughter was born I was hopping to BF her at list 6 month. It wasn't easy, but I did it! Then I went to health research center to get a raw goat milk to make home made formula. The women who I talked to encouraged me to breastfeed solidly till one year old, explaining all the benefits for my daughter. The goal was to increase my milk supply. (Up to that day I used to take "more milk plus " and gain a lot of weight, well I didn't order supplements on time and was out of my magic pills that day. Oh, NO!). She sad: "Do You believe in God?"..."You need to lay down, drink plenty of water and know that God will provide milk for your baby just exactly as she need." I'm not religious person, but it made perfect sense to me. Well, I went that day home and follow "the instructions". My milk was floooaaating!!! Never took the pills again!   


Hope it helped to you,  

Best wishes  

JeanetteHannah 09-28-2013 05:44 AM

If you are home with her full time then I suggest you stop pumping except once in the morning after the first feed. This can go in the freezer for much later. I suspect all this measuring and pumping is stressing you and making you anxious that you may not have a good supply. Feed baby often, at least once every three hours and more often if she wants it. Offer her a bottle occasionally, not every day. Just nursing often will increase your supply. If your baby is happy, producing enough wet diapers and gaining weight she is getting enough milk.

Most babies go through growth spurts and for a few days they seem more hungry and want to feed more often. These extra feeds tell your body to make more milk.

After the first few weeks of breastfeeding your breasts are not so swollen and you may think your supply has decreased but really everything has settled down and you are becoming more efficient at making milk.

Most moms also increase their activities at this point, going out more and doing more.Sometimes all this activity impacts on the milk supply. SO make sure you are getting lots of rest and eating and drinking well and try not to do too much.  Be confident that if you have been producing enough milk for the last 8 weeks,  you will continue to produce enough for your baby if you are feeding her on demand.

With my first I left hospital with a tin of formula and a baby who had been topped up with formula after every breastfeed. Once I was home I did nothing but rest and nurse often, I spent several days in bed doing this and I never needed to use that formula.

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