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NoraB's Avatar NoraB 04:59 PM 04-28-2004
I have no advice, but want to offer you lots of (((HUGS))). I can't even imagine what you must be going through right now. I am so sorry.

paloma's Avatar paloma 11:59 PM 04-28-2004

wombat's Avatar wombat 12:42 AM 04-29-2004
Originally Posted by paloma
the judge looked at me funny and asked if my then 2 y.o. has the ability to drink out of a bottle or cup (as opposed to just a "booboo.") That poor guy looked so dumbfounded!
So the judge thinks that by BF you're sheltering your baby too much? Judges always seem to ask the most stupid questions. If you take the mainstream view of weaning and promoting indepedence in our culture and then the social welfare/social work/psychology background of CPS and family court judges, there's a tendency for them to see every mother as trying to emotionally cripple her children!
milk4two's Avatar milk4two 04:29 AM 04-29-2004
So sorry you're dealing with this! Dr. Jay Gordon is a proponent of extended breastfeeding and an awesome all around physician. It may be worth seeing if he can point you in the right direction of supporting info.
paloma's Avatar paloma 09:38 AM 04-29-2004

guestmama9924's Avatar guestmama9924 09:53 AM 04-29-2004
Originally Posted by velcromom
Hmmm, guess that link is dead. Try this:

'Ms. Baldwin, the nation’s expert on breastfeeding and the law, is available to serve as an expert witness in family law cases regarding breastfeeding, attachment-style parenting, and other related parenting issues.'

She may be a good contact for your attorney.
Liz Baldwin died last year, sadly! Here law firm in Miami is still there and I am sure they can refer as needed. I have refered many mothers to her firm , and when alive, she always helped and was a true blessing.
guestmama9924's Avatar guestmama9924 09:55 AM 04-29-2004
sorry! I did not see page 2 when I replied. Still figuring the new layout out!
paloma's Avatar paloma 12:16 AM 04-30-2004
Funny. DSS refuses to give me my "neglect report" in any less than 30 days. When I have asked in the past (for reports of supported allegations against my husband) my request was expedited for no reason.
Mamid's Avatar Mamid 12:33 AM 04-30-2004
It took almost 6 months for me to get mine. And I didn't get it all. Missing at least a dozen pages that were censored because they would be detrimental to a third party (who? me? my mother? bah.) and anything about the "new" case against me when I had the visit by them about my son.

Wanna watch me get furious? Just let me read any of those pages.
Satori's Avatar Satori 03:15 AM 05-02-2004
My dd was exclusively BF till 17 months (dd would act like you were trying to kill her if you offered food and w/ good reason we found out!) and even then only tastes of foods on occasion till she was almost 3 YEARS old. It was so freakin stressful and got worse when CPS stepped in to investigate because of a jerk Dr who was NOT friendly to families of special needs children saw my dd for a few seconds and decided I must be mentally ill. Thank god I had a butt load of Dr's on my side and medical reports to back me up. One of the issues we were/are dealing with are extensive allergies and time and time again we were told not to start solids till at least 1 year of age. There are quite a few references over at the kelly mom site http://www.kellymom.com/nutrition/so...ay-solids.html
soccerchic21's Avatar soccerchic21 03:36 AM 05-02-2004
Originally Posted by paloma
The reccomendations (WHO and AAP) are that a child should be fed solids between 4 and 6 mos. Any MD on the stand would get torn to shreds. There are no well-executed conclusive studies on the matter.

Thank you for your replies thus far.
I don't think that it is that they "should" be fed solids just that it is "ok" to start solids at those ages. Stay strong and you aren't doing anything wrong. If your baby is thriving they are obviously getting enought to eat. It just drives me nuts that we have to push solids on babies. I have a 10 month old and she eats solids when I remember and usually it is just bits from my plate but other than that she is breastfed and she nurses a good amount during the day. Also my LLL leader has a grandson and he is over a year and is just now really getting into solids.

I hope they back off and just let you be a mother to your children.
Jonesey's Avatar Jonesey 07:01 AM 05-02-2004
Hi there, I'm brand new to these boards and just read your posts. If you haven't already, check out breastfeedingonline. There are a lot of printable handouts that may be helpful. Most were written by Dr. Jack Newman, he is an amazing dr dedicated to promoting bf'ing. He runs clinics in Toronto, Ontario - if you like I can find one of the numbers for you, I'm sure they'd be glad to provide some good information. The guidelines are a bit different in Canada, it is recommended that you bf for the first two years instead of one, but I doubt that would have any impact. I'm sure they'd have evidence to support your stance if you were delaying solids due to allergies.

I can't believe this is being done to you and I wonder if it would have ever been brought up if your Dd was ff...

paloma's Avatar paloma 09:45 AM 05-02-2004
bobbi, ff?

uh, i mean Jonsey, ff?
NoraB's Avatar NoraB 12:45 PM 05-02-2004
ff = formula fed
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