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cynthiamoon's Avatar cynthiamoon 10:06 AM 07-18-2013

After seeing an LC for suspected IGT, I have been tasked with getting familiar with manual expression now (38wks). Apparently, her clients and the women she meets through the birth center's education program seem to ALL benefit from casually practicing this before having their babies (particularly interesting is that none have had early labor due to this stimulation...). 


This has led her to recommend to women with IGT that they get LOTS of practice with manual expression in order to stimulate the breasts and build confidence that there is at least SOME food there. 


She even suggested that if I am getting good at it, I should try collecting the colostrum in a syringe and freezing it, so that if baby has trouble nursing or if something goes awry at my birth and I can't BF her (I have some risks that are likely to lead to a c-section), they can supplement her with my colostrum rather than with formula. 


I am up for trying this, and after a little of trial and error have gotten a few drops, but I am just wondering if anyone has experience with manually expressing before birth with suspected IGT? 


I am not stressing out about it too much, but I do want to give it a fair try so I can say I did what I could whenever we see what % I am able to provide for her. 

GISDiva's Avatar GISDiva 10:38 AM 07-19-2013

Interesting question.  I had very low supply the first time around, so I wouldn't even know what to expect as far as a usual amount of colostrum that *could* be expressed.  At almost 36 weeks I can express a few drops (I was curious), and the midwife seems to think that's a very good sign, but how you would collect such a small amount is a mystery to me.  I'll be watching this thread for my own curiosity too!

cynthiamoon's Avatar cynthiamoon 02:55 PM 07-19-2013
Yeah, so far it's too small an amount to do much with it. Her suggestion for collection though was a colostrum cup (which she gave me) or a spoon and a plastic syringe from the pharmacy (if you ask for it, they are free).

I think the idea is to express it into the cup or spoon, then suck it up via syringe, store the syringe in the fridge for a few sessions of collecting and up to 48hrs, and then freeze it.

However, I am still only getting a few drops, so I haven't tried collecting it yet.
katelove's Avatar katelove 08:43 PM 07-19-2013
I expressed for my second babe because I had GDM. I just sucked the drops straight off my nipple with the syringe.