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Ophelia's Avatar Ophelia 03:40 PM 01-30-2014

DD wakes up usually once per night now.  Thus far I've been too lazy to do it but looks like I will need to at some point.  Was going to nightwean my son (now 7) when he was about 2-2.5yo but he started sleeping through the night and I didn't have to.


When she wakes up at night I either take her to the bathroom or sometimes she has a wet dipe (she is EC'd).  Then nurse and go back to sleep.  She nurses to sleep at bedtime, except when I am working then she is fine without me.


What has worked for you?


Also during the day she gets VERY demanding about it.  I do limit time and switching sides especially if we are under a time constraint.  She also nurses for naptime but that is OK with me so far.



tracyamber's Avatar tracyamber 10:29 PM 01-31-2014
katelove's Avatar katelove 10:44 PM 01-31-2014
I had to move out of our bed to nightwean my 3yo. The first night she slept through. After that she periodically woke once for a drink of water. We all sleep so much better that I have stayed in the spare room with DD2 and left DH and DD1 in the main bedroom.
apeydef's Avatar apeydef 07:36 PM 02-02-2014
My baby.... Thank The Lord..... Just night weaned himself at 15 months! I seriously do tv even know what happened. He was a kid who woke 2-4 times too. I was sick about a week and a half ago and my husband got up with him for a late night feeding, rocked him to sleep and he's been sleeping g through the night since! It's still unbelievable to me. He wakes early morning like anywhere from 4-6 but goes back down until 8 or 9. So I don't really count that bc that's morning and he goes to bed at 8, so he's sleeping 8 + hours straight. Also since he started sleeping so good I wait a min now before jumping up. I was so used to jumping right up when he cried I just did it without thinking. Now I wait a couple minutes bc usually he's not really crying but just fussing in his sleep and goes back to bed after a few min.
So anyway my child is half the age of yours but would your husband be willing to get up with her on his days off? I think one weekend would be all it would take. Then once he does that for two nights or so try waiting when she wakes to see if she goes back to sleep or try rocking her back to sleep yourself. (If she's still waking) sorry I don't have the answers!