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MeredithK's Avatar MeredithK 10:02 PM 02-22-2014
I am going to be nursing on only one side this time due to breast surgery I had last year. I want to make sure that I keep up the supply on my good side. With my son, I used a manual Avent to try to pump and never had much success with it. It wasn't a big deal since I always nursed on demand anyway.

I think I would like an electric one this time and it seems silly to get a double one since I only need one side! Trying to decide if it would be better to rent a hospital grade one for a while or purchase one.

Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!

ananas's Avatar ananas 02:18 PM 02-24-2014
I really like my hygeia enjoye. Although honestly, my manual evenflo (this one here: was AMAZING and I could easily pump 4-6 ounces from one side in a matter of 5 minutes or less.
ananas's Avatar ananas 02:18 PM 02-24-2014
Hmm, that link didn't quite work. It's the first result (for $17.99).
ananas's Avatar ananas 02:19 PM 02-24-2014
I tried a more expensive manual Avent pump thinking if my cheapie was that good, a more expensive one would be even better. It was useless. I think I got an ounce one time. After like ten minutes.
jenjenl18's Avatar jenjenl18 06:12 PM 02-24-2014
I think the medela swing would be a good choice. if your going to try to pump a lot it would be nice to have an electric, possibly hands free option and you don't need a double. If you want to go hand pump I think medela harmony is easy to use and if you may need different sized flanges they have that. I used the avent manual (don't recall which) 6 yrs ago with my son and it was easy and effective as well. Make sure you explore insurance coverage before you buy!
foreverinbluejeans's Avatar foreverinbluejeans 09:51 AM 02-25-2014

There is a good chance that you will be able to nurse with one breast and have enough milk without pumping. Think about how women can nurse twins or siblings. You may need to pump or express the breast that had surgery for awhile after birth to prevent engorgement.

MeredithK's Avatar MeredithK 01:13 PM 02-25-2014
Thanks for all the advice. I ended up going with the Ameda Purely Yours. I talked with a lactation consultant and since I want to try to keep up supply on that side if baby isn't nursing well, we thought an electric pump would be best. And one that is meant to be used more than a couple times a week.

Forever, I can't pump on the other side at all after speaking with the surgeon who did my surgery so during engorgement, I'm going to just have to power through greensad.gif