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newmomma052313's Avatar newmomma052313 08:39 PM 03-10-2014
Hi I only breast fed my baby for about two months. For a number of reason I was unable to contine. I didn't have the best pump. My son has hypotonia or just low muscle tone which made latching on difficult. This also caused breast infections. I know that breast feeding is the best for babies and moms as wel. I also know now that formula feeding is ok too. I still feel some guilt that I couldn't breast feed longer. My son is almost ten months old now and is fine but it still bothers me a bit that I wasn't able to breast feed him longer. Not as much as it did though. Is this normal?

pokeyac's Avatar pokeyac 11:01 AM 03-11-2014
I'm sorry you had so many struggles. It seems perfectly normal to me to still feel a little disappointed or sad about not being able to breastfeed like you had planned. Perhaps you are grieving a little bit because you were not able to create the breastfeeding relationship you had wanted. I know that I have always wanted to be pregnant and to breastfeed. It's not something totally logical but something I just felt. I imagined what it would be like to have a baby and nurse them and give them the best nutrition. In reality, it was much harder than I thought it would be. I know if it had been a lot harder and I had not been able to do it, I would have felt sad about it too. As moms, we always want the best for our babies and we do what we can to provide that. The best we can do just looks different for different situations.