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For me it was ingrained, I saw so many women breastfeeding growing up that it was just the thing moms did. So I did it, too. It was a common thing to see nursing babies. I only knew a couple of families who bottle fed. I would love to hear what made the difference for you.

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My answer is similar to yours -- it was just a given, I never considered doing otherwise. My mom and aunts all breastfed, and my mom was an OB nurse for years and taught lamaze/natural childbirth classes.

BFing seems to be the norm where I live though. Even the most conservative women I know breastfeed for at least a few months.

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Because to me it's the default, and I had no reason not to nurse my second two children.  My first wouldn't nurse and I didn't have milk.  So he was bottle fed, but we didn't have glitches with the second two.


FWIW the fact that formula costs so much is a close second.


I didn't have any breastfeeding role models - I was the first of my peer group to have kids and I wasn't particularly crunchy or anything.  And my mom nursed me for a few months but stopped, but never talked about it either way.

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As a teen I recall my SIL BFing until her DS was 3, so it seems totally normal to me not only to breastfeed but to do so beyond infancy.
I had a lot of support and my babies have always took to it really easily, I've never had any issues so I really have no excuse not to.
Besides I must admit I relish holding, snuggling, and nursing for hours on end. Its always the best excuse to snatch my newborn back from someone saying the baby is hungry, but secretly, I can't wait to get my snuggle time and inhale the sweet scent of my precious newborn!

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I also always wanted to. I knew my Mom nursed all of us and I saw my aunts and others doing it. However, none of my sisters breastfed for various reasons. I've always been a little on the crunchy side. I became a vegetarian at 13 and worked in a natural foods store. I am also a feminist and I was in Women's Studies for years. I studied pregnancy and birth. Breastfeeding is natural and healthy, and I thought I would enjoy the bonding and snuggle time with my baby. It turned out to be harder than I thought it would be at the beginning, but I'm glad I stuck it out.
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I did it because I wanted to prove that I could be a great mom even though I was 17 and because I knew that formula was not best.

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I don't think I ever gave thought to not breastfeeding.  And not in a "OMG formula is so terrible I MUST breastfeed" sort of way.  I just did it because that's what I knew.  My mom breastfed us kids and I was old enough to remember her nursing my sister and it was just the default...not some amazing thing I would do for my child or anything...it just was the norm.   


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I grew up around breastfeeding too - in the years between me starting Middle School and me graduating High School - i had two baby brothers and 7 cousins born in my family.  Everywhere i went it was bellies, babies and breasts  :love

i knew one mother who formula fed her daughter and she turned out to be allergic to teh formula (?)  had to switch around formulas - she was a crazy fussy baby until about 6 months old.  The mother was STILL complaining /re telling the stories of what a terrible infancy her daughter had had - the child in question was in college!

i was afraid to formula feed - i thought i would have a cranky crying fussy baby who couldnt digest this stuff in a can - why should i risk it when i made the perfect stuff myself?

My DD was born in 1995 - before we got the internet - she had a tongue tie ...i got nothing but BAD information and finally couldnt tolerate the pain any longer and gave up breastfeeding .  Gave her formula....i felt SO defeated ...i didnt even HEAR the words 'tongue tie' until she was 10 years old and i was studying to become a postpartum doula  - i was reading about it and realized THATS what happened to her!!   

I did try again though - her brother was born only three years later and although i was terrified - i did it - and it was great, no issues at all with him  - except that i had to return to work so early - i got NOthing out of the pump that i rented (professional hospital grade - fitted incorrectly...again - i didn tknow!)  so he got plenty of formula too and eventually weaned himself early - around 9 - 10 months.  So my last one - i nursed for 3.5 years!  

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I didn't actually see anyone nurse a baby until I was 25 years old, but I knew I wanted to nurse my babies.

It always seemed like the logical choice, from a natural and financial standpoint.

I'm fortunate that my oldest friend had her first a few years before me and was a great influence on me in that I saw full term breastfeeding as something completely normal.
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I never saw anyone breastfeeding until I was in my 20's and I had my first when I was 22.
It was a no brainier as soon as I read it was the best thing for my baby. the fact my mom breastfed me for the same reason. I wanted to pass on two generations of antibodies. smile.gif Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it but I still do it because when you're mom it's not all about what you want, it's about what your children need. The only thing that gets me to the 12 month mark is knowing my baby is properly fed, happy, and the fact I have to do it since I choose not to vaccinate.

I wish I could love it more , like a lot of women on here, but I have aversions to it unfortunately for some odd reason. ( I get anxious during, even after I've exercised hard .) Glad my baby loves it though!!

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My mom was a La Leche League Leader, so I spent my early childhood going to LLL meetings and seeing lots of BFing.  My younger brother nursed until he was almost 3 and I was about 5 1/2, so I remember that.  When I was in my 20s, my cousin became a mom and became a big lactavist, so I heard a lot about it from her. 


Meanwhile, I had some experiences with various types of formula when babysitting, and all of them seemed disgusting to me.  I couldn't imagine choosing that if you didn't have to.


When I was pregnant with my son, my mom got worried (excessively, IMO) that BFing wouldn't work out when I returned to work--she was a SAHM during the early years, herself--so she got everyone she knew who had BFed while working to write me encouraging emails with their advice.  It wasn't really necessary, but it was nice to feel supported!  And it did kind of increase my motivation by increasing the number of people I'd be "letting down" if I failed at this--but I was pretty determined anyway.


MommaKuhel, do you know about Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex?  That might be the reason for your anxiety.

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Becca, just looked it up. That sounds like it to me! I've had this feeling with both kids. It says there's no treatment safe for bf mothers as of now haha. Oh well.

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i wanted to ... and then just as i was nearing the end of my pregnancy with my first child, a law was passed in my country forcing formula makers to have writen on each tin of powdered milk that breastmilk was best for the first 4 months ...that convinced me that i should try and try not give up too soon in case of difficulties

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I didn't think of breastfeeding as "normal" and still don't. It is for the groups of people I associate with, but I've only seen a total of 4 women breastfeeding in public before I became a mother. My mother did it for 6 months, but never spoke of it until I became pregnant. I don't think anyone in my family other than her even did it enough to mention.


I guess I knew it was considered better, but I mostly just wanted to for money saving. When I was about 20 I started learning more about parenthood and became very interested in this "attachment parenting" thing. Using bottles feels very unnatural to me. Not to mention it's a pain to pump and wash things. I'm a little emotional over it right now because I had to give my baby his first bottle at 4 months old because we are having some struggles. I'm hoping to get him exclusively back on the boob really soon.

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When I was in college anatomy class the prof explained the antibodies passed to the baby and I thought that was amazing and right then decided if I ever had a baby I would bf.
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It was just what you did. My family all breastfed and my Mom's daycare kids that ff were often sick and the smell...ick. It fairly crushed me when I had to ff my first two at ages 9 and 2 months, respectively, for health reasons. To me, breastfeeding is just normal.

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I wanted the health benefits for both DD and myself. We were also incredible broke when DD was born and could have never afforded formula. When I went back to school I pumped (borrowed pump). I couldn't believe how annoying all that bottle washing was!
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It just made the most sense.
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1. Health benefits for baby


2. Health benefits for me


3. Formula is EXPENSIVE

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