So tell me stories... what is the longest a baby has gone with exclusively breastfeeding? (alternate title: Is he EVER going to eat?) - Mothering Forums

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Baby is 9 months old, every time we try and give him baby food, he gives us an accusing glare like we're trying to poison him. We MIGHT get about two bites in him.

He doesn't want to take a bottle, not even pumped. Only straight from the tap. (Even tried non-frozen pumped... nope.)
He would when he was younger, but now that he can go longer between feedings, he just chooses to wait for me to get home from work instead. Even if that's 6 to 8 hours later.
About a month ago, I had sedation dentistry done and was supposed to pump and dump for 24 hours. He went FOURTEEN hours without eating. Refused formula and baby food. (I only had one bottle's worth pumped and I was saving it for bedtime.) With some work I convinced him to have about 6oz of breast-milk after 14 hours, then he went another 8 before I gave in and fed him 2 hours early.
It's making me slightly bonkers.


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My DS is about 9 months and pretty much EBF still. We've offered several different foods over the last few months, but he isn't interested. He takes pumped breastmilk in a bottle or cup no problem though, and I'm home with him almost all the time so it's never been an issue. I know some babies can go beyond a year on breastmilk alone, but going so many hours without any food/milk would concern me too.
Have you tried feeding him from a cup? DS has a sippy cup he likes and also happily drinks from a regular glass if we hold it for him.

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DS2 didn't really eat any appreciable amount of solids until after 12 mos.
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My son is 8 months old and won't eat solids. The only thing besides breastmilk he'll take is a few sips of water or carrot juice. When we try to offer small bites or purees, he makes a face like we're trying to poison him. He will take a bottle when I'm not home though.

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It's not that I'm really worried for his sake, but I'm going a little crazy being the only food source in kiddo's life.
And come summer, I'll be starting an internship and possibly work-study that means daycare for him. 20-40 hours a week. I'd like to gradually get him eating something other than EBF, but then I tell myself, "Oh, he couldn't possibly still be EBF at a year...."
then... "or could he?"

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He could! My DD didn't eat anyrhing until over a year and refused all bottles from the get go. She didn't eat for real caloric intake until she weaned between 2 1/2-3 yrs old. She eventually accepted water only from a sippy cup. And yes, I worked outside my home. She'd wait until I came home to eat. I know it's challenging but try to remember it's all temporary.

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