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sgvmom's Avatar sgvmom 09:10 AM 04-16-2014
I'm hoping you mommas can weigh in.
My baby learned how to take a bottle and then started getting mad at the beast until let down happened. I started having sore nipples after nursing and sometimes pain inside the nipple at other random times. Nothing white in baby's mouth.
I spoke to my lactation consultant who said it sounded like nipple crunching and and not thrush.
Next day I had a red rash on one breast, not the areola. I went to my general doctor for another issue and she said it didn't look like thrush but she wasn't sure.
Today itchy red rash on both breasts, still not on the areolas, nipples are fine, nothing I can see in babies mouth. We have not changed detergents or anything. I still have nipple soreness.
Thoughts please?

tracyamber's Avatar tracyamber 10:22 PM 04-23-2014
I have no idea but curious what it could be. Anyone?
sgvmom's Avatar sgvmom 10:49 AM 04-24-2014
I read that the confirmation of the diagnosis of thrush is that you treat it and it goes away. I started taking probiotics and putting grapefruit seed extract in water on my breasts. After a couple days of not seeing things get better, but not worsening, my doctor gave me a prescription for fluconazole. I am on my 6th day and things are starting to get better. I still have some itching but the rash seems to be better, and I have no pain. I am still not sure what it really was but wanted to treat for yeast rather than wait longer to find out. I still never saw anything in my baby's mouth. She still sometimes pops on and off but eventually settles in. Hopefully it will be gone soon. I still really don't feel like I know exactly what it was.