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Random question, but wondering when you don't necessarily need to wear a nursing bra at night. I know it's more important at first, but any reason it would be needed or not needed after a given time. My baby is twelve months old. He still nurses 1-3 times a night. When I'm not nursing, I don't wear a bra to bed. I've just kept wearing one over the past year, more out of habit in recent months I guess. But I'm thinking maybe I could give it up...anything I'm not thinking of?

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I mean... I guess it just depends.


Personally, my LO is 15 months old and still nurses a lot at night. I've always had a good supply, and healthy letdown, so nursing pads are still necessary for me if I want to avoid soaking my pajama top and bed linens (I do). Thus, I need to wear a nursing bra to hold the pads in place. I suppose if you don't have that issue, or feel fine occasionally leaking all over and having to change the sheets, you wouldn't need to wear the bra!


really miss not wearing a bra. I wear one 24/7 and my ladies just want to be freeeeeeeeeeeee. But alas. 

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To avoid soaking the sheets I slept on a towel. I suppose a washable bed pad would work even better. I just never truly felt comfortable in a bra, plus it is hard for me to latch baby quickly while half asleep unless my breast is bare.
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Its up to your own comfort level.  I still wear a nursing bra after almost 9years of breastfeeding, whereas prior to that i didnt. I find it supports my breasts which are heavier because they contain breast milk. I find it really annoying when not wearing a nighttime bra.....

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I stopped wearing one at night when I stopped leaking so much. I still leak sometimes but it mostly gets on my shirt. I usually sleep in a stretchy shirt or nursing cami so that I don't get too cold when I have to nurse in the middle of the night. I tend to run cold so I usually sleep with a shirt on anyway.

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I remember wearing nursing bra's or at least something to hold the breast pads in place when my son was 2 and 1/2 months still. I don't think I have now, and haven't for a while.  He is four months old. In the beginning it was the worst, and my breasts needed the support too because anything rubbing on my nipple felt uncomfortable, but that all went away.  Its nice how comfortable and easy nursing feels for me now.

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I stopped about 2 months ago, and DD is nearly 8 months old. I just thought I haven't been soaking my pads, maybe I'll go without the bra tonight.
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I breastfed my babies, and my mom breastfed her children, including me.

My mom suggested that you should wear a good bra all the time while breastfeeding even to bed. This prevents Cooper's ligament in the breast from giving away to a condition known as Cooper's droop. Getting a good look at my grandmother, I agreed.
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I stopped wearing a nursing bra to bed when DD was about 3-4 months old. For starters, I began leaking a lot less around that time (and even if I do, it's not much at all), plus I have pretty small breasts which makes side-lying nursing while cosleeping slightly more difficult even without having to maneuver around a nursing bra (even the 'pull to the side' kind). Now I just sleep with a button-down nightshirt on, and the top couple buttons undone. Keeps me warm and gives her easy access if needed. She is 8.5 months now.

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