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Oddest or "most interesting" place you've breastfed

Last week I went on a weekend trip with Brother and Sister-in-Law, bringing along my 15-month-old daughter. We wanted to tour a nearby cave. However, we had to wait a couple of hours to begin our tour, compromising Baby's naptime. She now uses nursing largely when she's sleepy, so I found myself nursing her in her carrier whilst traipsing through a cave. (Wound up getting a couple of high-fives from people, too.)

So, this thread is about interesting places you've found yourself nursing.
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In the dentist's chair while getting a crown. My nanny had to cancel because her son got sick and I had already canceled my appointment twice so I brought my 3 month old with me.
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At the communion rail while dd1 was at the pop-off-and-yank-shirt stage; she flashed me to the priest. At least priests can marry in the Episcopal church and I knew his wife breastfed! It didn't throw him, he just smiled and blessed her.
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Wow, those are some interesting places to nurse! Way to go, ladies!
It's been more mellow for us, I guess. There were a few times I nursed her in the backseat of the car with her strapped in her carseat (she's 7 mo now), and a few times while putting her on the potty (we do EC part time). What's been most interesting for us has been on her part, actually. She recently learned how to stand, and sometimes she goes from sitting to the downward dog yoga position (on hands and feet with bum in the air). She has done this pose while nursing a few times, since she is now into grazing while we hang out at home.
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I once caught someone out in a kick-ball fly-ball while nursing. Also all over the world - red light district Tokyo, catacombs of Paris. Mine was an cluster nurser so if I was somewhere during the years that she nursed, I nursed there. And we traveled a lot during that time.
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Nowhere in particular pops out to me, although I did use to nurse her laying down on the chiropractor's table while she got adjusted. It was the only way to keep her still.

Single mama to an only born November 2012.
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Just last weekend, took my 2 1/2 month twin boys on a hike with my husband. It was only supposed to be a 1 hour hike lol but we took the wrong trail - ended up hiking for 4 hours, 7 miles to get back to our car. Anyway, I nursed while walking, using the carriers. That was my first time nursing in "public" - I had no other options - and I felt pretty bad***! We also changed diapers on a log. Got quite a few stares, lots of averted eyes. Only two separate hikers stopped to chat and give me kudos. Wish hubby hadn't left the camera at home.
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Nursed driving the tractor for hayrides around the pumpkin patch. He was 4/5 months then. Can we do it again at 16/17 months? I don't know.
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With my first baby, we were in Target near the pet department when he got hungry. I sat in a large dog bed in the bottom shelf.

I also once nursed him while walking across the 31st Street Bridge because there was no place to sit down at the end of the bridge where we were starting. A truck driver hooted at me. Was it because he realized that I was breastfeeding and that made him think about breasts, or just because he saw a woman??

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Last month at hobby lobby DD who is now 1 wanted to nurse at the same time my friends newborn did. I can't walk and nurse without my ring sling. So we found one of the benches they had for sale and sat on that.
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Fun thread!
Nursed 4 month old through an entire performance of Wicked at our local theatre. The theatre is 150 years old and had no changing tables in the bathrooms so I changed his diaper on an antique bench. After the show I got lots of compliments from people because he was silent through the entire show. No one even knew there was a baby in attendance!
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LOL! Great ones, mamas! I'm a "nurse anywhere" type, so there have been many odd places, but here are a couple of the best ones:

When DS1 was about 18mos, we'd been out running errands all morning and he was hungry...so I nursed him while he was sitting in the shopping cart at Wal-Mart, as I pushed it through the baby section at the back of the store. I didn't pay any attention to who might have been giving us looks, or what kind of looks they were!

The latest & greatest was just a couple weeks ago. I work mostly from home, doing marketing & event coordination for the restaurant my husband manages - only go in for meetings and events. It was my first management meeting since returning from maternity leave, and 6wk old DD2 was with me. As the owners and everyone sat down at the table to begin the meeting, DD started rooting and making that "ehh-ehh" cry...so I draped a blanket over my shoulder and began to unhook my nursing bra. DH leaned over to me saying, "You're going to nurse her here, in the meeting?!" I replied with a wicked grin, "Well, would you rather I let her cry? This is a restaurant - people eat here, right?" Hey - I was covered!

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Good for you mammas nursing your babes when they're hungry & wherever you happen to be!

I am definitely a nurse wherever kinda mom, so I have nursed everywhere. One that I always think of is at my brother-in-law's wedding rehearsal dinner. Not because nursing at a restaurant around a bunch of family members and strangers was odd, but because my dad (who was the officiating pastor) chose that moment to recognize the bridal party, including myself, as I sat there nursing my 2 year-old. He called me out by name, even. I'm all for nursing in public & out loud, but even I was a little embarrassed.

I love that I'm not the only one who's nursed a babe in the carseat. We travel to visit family a lot, and my kids never did well in the car, so I spent a lot of time on my knees leaning over the carseat, hoping DH didn't hit a big bump & cause DS to bite my nipple off.

One more- I nursed (a lot) at Water Country, USA during the summers, whether in the pools or walking down the path. Once I got asked by a lifeguard to go to the bathroom to nurse. Poor lifeguard. He got disciplinary action, and the whole park had a mandatory meeting at close to re-iterate BG's breastfeeding-friendly policy with the employees.

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Old thread but I will chime in for old time sake. I nursed in the dental chair in between my exam and cleaning. The staff were great and very understanding. DH was suppose to be able to watch her during my appt ended up having to take our other daughter to an emergency doctor appointment.



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I recently nursed my toddler through our family portraits with the in laws. Fil wouldn't wait and dd was in the middle of going down for a nap. My very private sil was appalled! Lol
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This my mom's story, not mine, but it's worth telling -

Apparently my mom used to wear oversized tee shirts to the grocery store so that she could lift her whole shirt up and over us while we were sitting in the seat of the cart, and we would nurse while sitting under her shirt tent. This was in the 80s and carts were smaller then...I'm way too short to make that happen now.

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Tattoo shop when my Mr. was getting his sleeve done. and on the train.

i dont mind bf-ing in public though it is slighty awkward at times depending on the circumstance... but at the end on the day... if my bubba needs to feed, HE IS GOING TO BE FED

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