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mmaschultenover 07-24-2014 10:44 PM

BF moms with high dairy intake cause skin rash on baby???
Has anyone else heard that a nursing mother with a high dairy diet can result in skin irritations on their baby? I really wish I did, but unfortunately dont, remember I saw it, but I read that somewhere recently and I LOVE my milk and greek yogurt (not together though...yuck) and ever since our son was about 3 weeks old he's had a rash under his belly button. It started as 3 tiny dots, by 4 months it was a small light pink patch about the size of a dime, almost lighter than his skin. By 6 months it was quarter size and still light pink, it's never bothered him one bit though.

Once I read that I had to put it to the test. So I cut WAY down on milk and stopped eating yogurt and it faded a lot in only a week or two. So one day I ate some yogurt and a different spot showed up the next day by his belly button as well.

I'm sure I will fall short on answers here but do you think I switch to soymilk and does this mean he could possibly be lactose intolerant when he gets older?

Viola 07-25-2014 01:16 AM

If your baby is having an intolerance to your milk, it is more likely to be a reaction to the protein, like casein or whey rather than something related to lactose. Right now your baby should have a lot of lactase to help break down lactose into galactose and glucose. Lactose intolerance, at least as I understand it, means lacking the enzyme that will break the bond between the two molecules, which leads to diarrhea, gas, bloating and abdominal pain. There are other things, like galactosemia that are related to lactose, but that is a metabolic disorder.

An actual allergy to the proteins in milk can present as a rash, swelling, hives or nasal congestion, coughing, sneezing, wheezing. This is from Web MD, so you can check that out for yourself.

Whether or not he is lactose intolerant later in life depends on his genetic background to some extent. Also from WebMD: "In rare cases, newborns are lactose-intolerant. Symptoms in newborns include severe foamy diarrhea, diaper rash, vomiting, dehydration, weakness and irritability, and slow weight gain."

buffynoc 07-25-2014 09:08 AM

Have you considered other foods you're ingesting may be causing this rash? A close friend of mine discovered her baby's allergies to wheat, dairy and egg as a result of a persistent rosacea type rash on his face that presented while she was breastfeeding. Just a thought worth considering.

sillysapling 07-26-2014 09:23 AM

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Sounds like it is a cow milk protein allergy if it goes away when you cut out dairy. Dairy is a very common allergy in kids, I've seen nursing parents who, after dealing with it with the first, just cut out dairy entirely a few weeks before their due date to avoid dealing with a dairy allergy. Be aware that soy may also cause problems, it's common for a cow milk allergy to go hand-in-hand with soy.

Could you try switching to goat's milk or A2 cow's milk-based diary products? Kids with a A1 cow milk allergy tend to tolerate those as it's a different protein.

I agree that lactose is unlikely to be the problem. Your milk has lactose in it regardless of what you eat, while some babies are lactose intolerant it is VERY rare. Babies are born to digest lactose, lactose intolerance is only prevalent in older children and adults because we aren't meant to breastfeed our entire lives.

It's not uncommon for babies with a milk allergy to outgrow it, from what I've heard, but it is possible that he won't tolerate it as an older child and adult.

JamieCatheryn 07-26-2014 10:34 AM

It's the protein most likely. I'd try almond milk and/or coconut milk, soy also can cause problems and honestly the almond milk tastes quite good. Often babies outgrow a casein intolerance but if they don't, it's not hard to adapt to dairy free especially now as more people are become aware and more products are coming out.

sillysapling 07-26-2014 11:34 AM

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Coconut milk would probably be really good for a nursing parent, some people use it as a natural sports drink, hydrating & replenishes electrolytes. :)

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