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baileyb's Avatar baileyb 08:35 PM 08-03-2014
My little pookie bear is getting her first teeth already. It started with drooling, and fussing, then to comfort nursing and chewing her hands, now today she started biting down HARD! I'm glad there are no teeth there now because I might be missing a nipple. Haha. I feel bad for her and she wont take a bottle or paci. Shes too young to really use a teether.

Any advice?! Shes has a sensitive soul. When I say "ow" she sticks her bottom lip out and her eyes start to well up.

eliza86 06:46 AM 08-15-2014
Once my little man grew teeth, AND STARTING BITING ME! I got told a few things to discourage it (as I didn't want to stop breastfeeding, enjoyed it to much)
To be honest shields won't work at stopping her.

I got told to
1) if biting happens to push baby's face into the breast, the baby lets go after they can't breathe, they learn that biting means that I can't breathe so they don't do it.
2) if biting persists after option 1) when biting occurs, unlatch baby, say no very forceably and place baby down away from the comfort of the breast and comfort of your arms. And walk away.
Best of luck.
Eliza Annis
GaleWinds 02:48 PM 08-26-2014
A wise older mom told me years ago what she did with her 3, and I did the same with both of mine so far, and it worked like a charm. When I got that first bite (at a few months old), I let loose a shrill, blood-curdling NNNOOOOOOOO!!!! at the top of my lungs. All 5 kids in this situation unlatched, startled, and 2 of them whimpered a little. Not one of them ever bit a nipple ever again.