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greentomato 08-24-2014 06:22 PM

Need encouragement to keep going
My daughter is a few days shy of 11 months old and we've mostly had an easy nursing relationship. I went back to work when she was 3.5 months old. Since then we've nursed evenings, nights, early morning and weekends and I've pumped 3-5 times a day on work days. I'm getting less and less when I pump and I'm very ready to cut back on pumping. At a birthday party today, I offered her solid food instead of nursing her first, at a time of day when we really should have nursed. My goal has been to nurse as long as she wants to and to avoid formula. But right now, I think we might have to start 1 bottle a day at daycare. I could use encouragement to keep up the extra pumping session.

pokeyac 08-25-2014 11:21 AM

You're so close to 1 year! You can make it. Pumping is no fun and it's time-consuming, but can you do it for just one more month? My goal was to breastfeed for at least the first year because that's when they can only have breastmilk or forumula. I pumped until my son turned one and now he drinks water and milk during the day and we nurse when we are together. By one he was eating more solids and drinking less breastmilk so it was a little easier to keep up. We used some of my frozen stash to make up the difference near the end. My supply dropped quite a bit around 10 months. It was frustrating but I just kept going and gave him whatever I could pump. If your cycle is back, taking a calcium/magnesium supplement can help with supply dips due to hormonal fluctuations. Instead of formula, can she drink some water or eat more solids to make the bottles you do pump last longer at daycare?

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