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raitch's Avatar raitch 02:36 PM 05-24-2004
I know this is a weird question, I'm just curious if anyone has ever seen pics online of what a nipple *should* look like when the baby unlatches. I've heard people talk about that their nipples looked wrong when the baby let go... how are they supposed to look?

I've been BFing for a month now and am still having a lot of pain, and both of my nipples have this weird crack/separation thing going on on one of the edges. It seems like that crack is what's causing the pain, and they've gotten better, but are still sore, and one of them is still bleeding occasionally.

I was told I had a good latch, and I think everything is OK, so I'm really curious now if this is normal or if we're doing something wrong.


lovebugmama's Avatar lovebugmama 03:13 PM 05-24-2004
When your nipple comes out it should look just like it did when it went it, only a little bit more elongated. It should not be "lipstick" shaped, which usually indicates a shallow latch. My experience with cracking was related to thrush. You should check out kellymom.com for more info. It's a great resource.

BTW, what shape are your nipples when your through nursing? That info would help us to figure out what the prob. may be.

Alstrameria's Avatar Alstrameria 04:20 PM 05-24-2004
My nipples would be lipstick shaped occasionally. It doesn't happen anymore. It would pinch a bit during those sessions though. I don't know if her latch was shallow or if it was because my nipples are flat and she's now pulled them out. I really tried to focus on getting as much areola in her mouth as possible, and it got better slowly.

raitch's Avatar raitch 09:58 AM 05-25-2004
Hmm. My nipples don't end up lipstick shaped, but they are definitely much more elongated then they were when they went in. I'd say they are about 1/2 inch long when she lets go. I do have very large nipples and areolas, but the nipples are always much longer when she lets go. But lipstick shaped, no, I don't think so. I'll have to look harder the next time I nurse.

I'm concerned about thrush, actually. I had always figured it wasn't an issue because DD doesn't have white patches in her mouth. But I do have a cracked nipple that isn't healing, shooting pains when she nurses, and her tongue always has a white coating on it (I read somewhere that a coating after an hour past when she nurses can be a sign). I'm going to talk to the pedi about it at her one month appointment tomorrow.
lovebugmama's Avatar lovebugmama 10:03 AM 05-25-2004
Yes, definitely talk to the ped about thrush. Your dd doesn't have to have white patches for you both to be infected. Also, one of you can be really bothered by it but the other not really affected. You should both be treated at the same time so you don't keep reinfecting each other.

I've battled it for a long time and have managed to keep it under control, but have not yet erradicated it.

Also, I think your nipple shape sounds normal. 1/2 inch is probably about what mine are after a nursing session.

Good luck!
stafl's Avatar stafl 03:12 PM 05-25-2004
With my first, who was tongue-tied and unable to nurse effectively, my nipple would be flattened with a white line across the tip of it and very very painful.
With my second, my nipple looks just like it did before she latched on, still round and all, but elongated.

sounds like thrush to me, sometimes you can have it without the obvious signs.
Grapefruit seed extract works really well when I have any sort of candida.
hunnybumm's Avatar hunnybumm 04:06 PM 05-25-2004
Definitly look into the thrush issue. I have been told that you don't want the thrush to get back enough to were it shows up in her mouth if you can help it. There are a lot of possible signs for thrush that you may not even realize are thrush. My DS and I battled thrush for almost 2 months before I finaly realzed it. Everyone kept telling me my symptoms wheren't related until I looked into it.

Also, the white stuff on her tongue. Get a wet wash cloth and try to wipe the white off about 20 minutes after a feeding, if it starts to come off the it is probably not the thrush, but if it is hard to wipe off then it could be thrush (what I was told, but his wiped off easily so I assumed it wasn't thrush). I would also try a more natural remedie if you think you have thrush. I tried Nystatin for a month and that didn't help, I tried Difulcan but it came right back, finaly I used genital violet and it zapped it quick. It came back about a month later but I caught it within a day and used the GV again and I haven't seen it since.

One last note. Thrush is very common this time of year. I am not sure if it's the weather, the heat, or what but a lot of woman get a bout of thrush around now. Good luck and trust your instincs. If your doc tries to tell you it's not thrus then you might want to do some research on your own. Like I said I was told it wasn't thrush for about a month before it got so bad that I figured it out on my own.
beanma's Avatar beanma 04:35 PM 05-25-2004
Originally Posted by hunnybumm
finaly I used genital violet and it zapped it quick.

bwahahaha :LOL methinks that was a typo. isn't it gentian violet? i could just imagine the poor OP going into the drugstore and asking for the wrong thing...i, too, have heard good thing about it, but have never had to use it.
Busy_mama_of_6's Avatar Busy_mama_of_6 05:08 PM 05-25-2004
Okay, I have had this exact problem, among others, and it WAS thrush. OUCHIE!!!!!
I elected to have his Ped. prescribe the antibiotic and just purchased the Lotrimin for my nipples and his diaper area. Even though he, also, did not have all the signs my first ds had when he had thrush, I still had to do the antibiotic in his mouth and cheeks to rid it away from us forever!!!!
And from time to time, my nipples seem to crack a bit, but absolutely nothing like it did when we had that darn thrush!!!
T My other problems with this bf "session" with this babe, is my supply. I have been taking fenugreek since about his two wk. mark, and he is now fourteen wks., unfortunately, I have been having to supplement with nasty formula. We still have our nighttime nursing, and in the mornings, and only a handful during the day. Maybe I should be posting elsewhere, but any of you here, reading this on this one, could suggest anything!(?)!!?
This is the longest bf "session", and it means more than I can explain, to continue as long as possible!!!
Viola's Avatar Viola 04:51 AM 05-26-2004
With my first, I also would get nipples that were flattened and creased on the sides. I usually had a little pinching and burning during nursing. That lasted until she was about 6 months or so and finally relaxed her death grip on my nipple.

Now my nipples look a little elongated, and sometimes the nipple looks a little rounded like it is fuller. I just pulled my breast out of my bra to look at my nipple, and it kind of looks lipstick shaped right now. :LOL