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Aura_Kitten 01-05-2005 04:36 AM

for the past two days, i've been pumping (as usual) and i've been getting less and less.

my chest is crying out in agony (and on top of all my other stress, the added stress of not being able to produce much milk isn't helping things, i'm sure)...

what could be causing this?? i'm keeping up on my fluid intake... i'm eating plenty (more than enough). i'm not pregnant (thank the gods).

SEEPAE 01-05-2005 04:59 AM

is AF showing any signs of starting again?

Aura_Kitten 01-05-2005 05:19 AM

ugh, yeah, i've been PMS'ing quite a bit lately. could that be it??

SEEPAE 01-05-2005 05:23 AM

yes that definitely could be a cause. I dont pump but I do know when AF is coming or is around DS nurses twice as much. My suggestion is to eat whatever you crave and I know there are herbs you can take and foods that will help but I cant remember them, someone else will. I do know that while you are having AF magnesium and calcium are used up more than normal which is why we crave foods rich in those 2 substances(like chocolate!) there is some info on kellymom, if I can find it.

SEEPAE 01-05-2005 05:30 AM

Some women experience a drop in milk supply from ovulation (mid-cycle) until the first day or two of the next menstrual period. A woman's blood calcium levels gradually decrease during this period of time, and for some women the drop in blood calcium causes a drop in milk supply. For women who have this problem, calcium/magnesium supplements may be helpful.
read more here:

carrietorgc 01-05-2005 01:02 PM

i wanted to add that the calc/mag/zinc supplements made a world of difference for me I noticed a dip in supply about 2 mo before I actually ovulated. it will get better!

artgirl 01-05-2005 01:39 PM

Mothers Milk tea worked wonders for me when I found my supply dropping. I know how horribly stressful it is! I'm sure it'll pick back up quickly.

eminer 01-05-2005 01:45 PM

Pumping dip does not always mean supply dip. Is your dd giving you any signs of not being able to get milk? (Though with the sore nipples I agree that it could be AF.)

Aura_Kitten 01-07-2005 04:39 AM

thanks for the tips.

i am trying Mother's Milk tea tonight :: blegh :: and have actually been craving chocolate by the ton lately so i'm going to try vitamin supplements.

eminer ~ yes, well, i think she has ~ she's been fussy, pulling off, getting angry, and still acting hungry after she has been nursing awhile.

*however* today it has been a little better, and i've even been able to express a little more.

maybe it was just a change in hormones...

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