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bonbon mama's Avatar bonbon mama 01:43 PM 03-29-2005
I want to buy a few for spring/summer but I have been disappointed with their pregnancy stuff in the past. Anybody have any experience with their nursing tank/camisoles with the built-in bras? Thanks in advance. :tandem

newmomma2005's Avatar newmomma2005 04:44 PM 03-29-2005
No but I was also thinking about trying one out. Just due to the fact that they are so cheap. I live near a motherhood store, I was wondering if they were any good for that price.
AmandaBL's Avatar AmandaBL 04:50 PM 03-29-2005
I have one & it's ok. The problem I have with it is that it's mostly cotton with just a touch of spandex/lycra. It's fine when I put it on, but after one or two nursings, the outer flaps become somewhat misshapen, and the under part shows around the edges (like the inside part of a nursing bra) I have a full C breast, and don't know if that's part of the problem or not. I like it, but I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing it alone as a top, because it looses it's "shape" and looks like a nursing bra after a bit. Good luck!
bonbon mama's Avatar bonbon mama 06:43 PM 03-29-2005
thanks, that is just the kind of problem i was worried about...off to find a cheap source for glamourmom tanks...i'll post if i find them cheaper than the glamourmom website.
plantmommy's Avatar plantmommy 06:48 PM 03-29-2005
The Glamourmom tank sizing info is pretty bad. If you are large busted and small ribbed, forget about it.

I prefer both the Target ones, and the Kohl's ones.
KoalaMommy's Avatar KoalaMommy 06:53 PM 03-29-2005
I vote for the Target ones as well!
MommyKatie's Avatar MommyKatie 11:30 AM 03-30-2005
I have a Motherhood one & it's not stretchy & not so good. I also have this one though: http://www.leadinglady.com/nursing/d...95&cid=7&scid= and it's awesome! I recomend a spandex/stretchy one over cotton.