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Love2learn's Avatar Love2learn 12:31 AM 04-03-2005
What brand do you recommend?
I was looking at the fuzzibunz but they have a PUL layer and then I looked at sweetcheeks and it has fleece. The Bravado aren't 100% because of the mesh.
The Le Leche League leader said to make sure they are 100% cotton. I've heard that the cheaper brands you find in stores don't work well
Any recommendations?

~Megan~'s Avatar ~Megan~ 12:41 AM 04-03-2005
I think the mesh wouldn't be a problem. Its not in contact with your skin and doesn't inhibit airflow.

Also 100% hemp would work or wool.
Love2learn's Avatar Love2learn 12:52 AM 04-03-2005
oops. sorry. Didn't meant to post this here again.
bubbles's Avatar bubbles 02:50 PM 04-03-2005
i don't know websites off hand, but all cotton flannel ones are pretty easy to find. many wahms make them. i bought a bunch of organic cotton ones. try a search?