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mmmummy's Avatar mmmummy 07:25 AM 04-09-2005
i know its okay-but what about,say,53oz in a day??
of course not for the baby-i am the orange juice fiend :LOL
so,maybe stupid question but is there such a thing as TOO much..??
just kind of staring at the carton realizing just HOW much ive had today

dd is very hard to comfort (very unusual) tonight and i wondered if it was the OJ.
i feel stupid now so i will sneak away..

Momtwice's Avatar Momtwice 09:51 AM 04-09-2005
Have you read the South Beach Diet? The doctor who wrote it said he had a patient who suddenly started having symptoms of diabetes, blood sugar problems. The patient had switched to drinking orange juice several times a day (from some beverage that wasn't as maybe?)

Vitamin C always gives me a lot of energy, and that's just one glass....
Moon Faerie's Avatar Moon Faerie 10:39 AM 04-09-2005
OJ is one of the few things that bothers Lauren if I drink it. When she was about 3 weeks old, I drank an entire gallon in one day. (It was one of those things that I absolutely couldn't drink while pregnant without getting sick, but I had a major craving for it.) OMG was she fussy and gassy! Now I limit myself to one glass every now and then, and in small amounts it doesn't bother her. If I drink more than one glass, she starts to get fussy.
maria423's Avatar maria423 12:00 PM 04-09-2005
That's a lot of OJ!

It's pretty acidic, so I'd guess that it could affect your nursling.
BabyBumblebee's Avatar BabyBumblebee 11:38 PM 04-09-2005
Wow! That's a lot of juice! Dd was definitely bothered when I drank a lot of (grapefruit and) oj - she became very fussy and gassy. It's certainly really acidic, and that could be what's bothering your dd.

Don't sneak away though....ya gotta have some vices
mmmummy's Avatar mmmummy 02:04 AM 04-10-2005
thank you everyone!! i did wonder about it due to it being so acidic..
guess im going to have to watch myself around the ol' orange juice
i need to get in the habit of treating water the same way instead,really..

ps,babybumblebee-my daughters name is charlotte too
plantmommy's Avatar plantmommy 09:33 AM 04-10-2005
Oy, if I drank more than one glass of OJ poor ds would be fussy and get a major diaper rash... also if I OD'd on tomato anything.
ZeldasMom's Avatar ZeldasMom 06:20 PM 04-10-2005
When I want juice I drink water flavored with juice. Now when I drink full strength jusice it tastse too strong. It takes time to get used to this though. Could you start out with 90 percent juice, 10 percent water, and gradually increase the amount of water over time?
mmmummy's Avatar mmmummy 07:44 AM 04-19-2005
hmm..oddly enough,no rash from the orange juice (thank god,id have hated that. hadnt even thought of that happening-yikes!!) im not sure if anything tomato bothers her (i cant stand them raw,must be in a sauce for pasta,pizza..) about watering down the juice..i might be able to,though im very used to it full strength. its almost addicting..okay,so it is addicting. i just need to up my water intake by a lot..ive started to,and its not so bad. just have the very bad habit of not being much of a water drinker,never have been. thanks everyone!!
crittersmom's Avatar crittersmom 01:04 AM 04-20-2005
I just stopped drinking OJ because Evan got a rash on his cheeks when he nursed right after.I only drank one glass in the morning, it was like my coffee.I miss it so.I'll get over it just like I got over not being able to drink grapefruit jucie with my oldest.It made his bum raw even when he was almost 2.