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So, Jasper does NOT poop regularly. When we were in the hospital, he passed a lot of meconium pretty regularly, but since we've been home he has not gone a lot.

My ped (who homebirthed, breastfed and coslept with her two kids) says that sometimes EBF babies DON'T always poop a lot - especially if they're using all of the nutrients in the BM, but I'm still really freaked out about it. As of last Friday, he hadn't pooped since the previous Monday, and so the doc told us to go ahead and mix 1 oz. of organic prune juice with .5 oz. water and give it to him; that the concoction should get his system moving within 12-24 hours. Well, 24 hours later still nothing, so I decided to call into the on-call ped, who told us to go ahead and use a glycerine suppository (this doc is a bit more mainstream and seemed more concerned abou the lack of poop). My DH went to the pharmacy, got the suppositories and I went ahead and inserted it. About an hour later, Jasper DID have a BM, and in it was the suppository (hardly melted). The weird thing is that it looked a lot like chocolate pudding, which I attributed to the prune juice (it was the dark brown color of prune juice) and more meconium (it was goopy like meconium). About 30 minutes later he passed more of the same, but since then, nothing more has come out.

He is peeing like mad (like 8-9 times in a 24-hour period), eating like mad (lots of cluster feeding, we never go more than 2 hours without a feeding, occasionally 3 hours in the night), had gained weight as of last Friday, and other than some stinky farts does not seem to be in any distress. Every so often he strains and grunts, but STILL NO POOP! I know there isn't an obstruction since he was able to go, but it's really bugging me! I was having some latch problems early last week and we supplemented with formula 3 times one night because he wouldn't latch, but since seeing an LC, have been doing great. I let him nurse as long as he wants, even if it's just pacifying nursing, but he definitely is getting food and is swallowing. I'm also pretty sure he's getting the hind milk, as he will come off of the breast with pretty thick, white milk seeping out of his mouth, especially if he's nursed for at least 15 minutes.

What do you all think? I have another LC coming by tomorrow and she will help me assess the situation and alsot to figure out how to get him to latch while I'm lying down, but seriously, it's really bizzare! Help!


Jen & Jasper

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BTW, Jasper will be 2 weeks old this coming Thursday - he was born on July 14.

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my ds who is almost 5 mths only poos every 4 to 7 days. it really isn't a problem, as long as the baby is peeing enough he'll be just fine

Kristin- Wife to J, Mommy to B (11), M-S (8), and little J (4) and J&J (7 months)
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When my 19 month old was born, she went about 2 weeks without going to poopy. She had a little in the hopital then nothing. We did prune juice, caro syrup, suppository, thermometer, etc. She finally went after about two weeks. And when we do these things she would go some but we were basically making her. She was nursing and supplementing this whole time. I quit nursing (another story) but she just started going on her own. Looking back I wish we had just left her alone. Her belly wasn't distended, she was peeing, she was gaining weight, etc. Everything else pointed to the fact that she was fine.

My 3 month old dd's who is pretty much exclusively nursing at this point (has had small amount of formula) only goes poopy about every three days or so.

It is more stressful in the beginning if they're not going b/c of the merconeum, but when my dd finally went, all the merconeum came out and she started going more regurlary. My advice would be if this is the only problem, leave it alone for a while and just keep watching the other signs, hard belly, peeing, demeanor, etc.

Take care
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Seth started pooing about ever 4 days or so once he hit 4 weeks, Dr. said that's pretty normal and not to worry about it as long as it doesn't seem like he's straining himself.

Unassisted birthing, atheist, WOHM to 4 wonderful, smart homeschooling kids 17, 11, 6, 3
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As long as he is passing gas and peeing good he should be ok. My guy usually goes every 5-7 days. I find warm soaky baths, bicycling his legs, and some tummy massage seem to help both gas and to make sure things are moving in the right direction.

JoAnn Married almost 12 years to DH Chris.  DS1 01/05 DS2 09/09 DS3 05/12.

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I can't beleive you were told to give prune juice to a newborn!!! They should get nothing but breastmilk (or formula) for the first 4-6 months.

I know that older babies often poop less often than they did as newborns, as a result of the GI system maturing. I also know that, when determining that milk supply is adequate, one of the things looked for is diaper output. Lack of bowel movements CAN BE a sign of insufficient caloric intake, or of some kind of blockage in the GI tract.

It's entirely possible that this is simply normal for your baby, but this could also be an early sign of problems. Many problems are easier to fix if you catch them early.

Ruth, single mommy to 3 quasi-adults
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We had an issue with that when Miriam was really little. The Dr. recommended taking her temp. rectally to get things moving. Worked like a charm. I would make sure you are having enough wet daipers. Some kids are different. Some can go days without a BM, and others go all the time. Since your babe is so little I would be sure to have him checked out if you are really worried. BTW- I would contact the LLL. They have some great information about this. They will be able to help you ease your mind about it. Hope you can sort it all out!
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I was totally freaked when my baby went over 10 days without a poop. But it is normal. I read and read and read everything I could on the internet. What I came up with was unless there is a bowell obstruction, there is no need to induce the poop via suppository or prune juice. The ped is just trying to appease your fears but it really is unnecessary for the baby. Now if there is a bowell obstruction, that is a different story.

As long as you are getting wet diapers and she is growing fine, she is getting the normal calories that she needs.

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Neither of my babies (both BF) pooped very often. My friend's DS pooped every 10 days or so, no problems.
I did find that my kids really had trouble pooping, though - it wasn't constipated, but it just took so much effort. They wailed and wailed. DS2 went to the chiro and it solved that problem.
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I'm with Ruthla. Who tells a new mother to give a breast fed baby prune juice? Their guts cannot handle that. I agree that you might want him to be seen **by someone with some knowledge** -- perhaps a certified lacatation consultant.

I'm sorry you're worried! Prune juice is not the answer.
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