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greenmansions's Avatar greenmansions 07:01 PM 09-29-2005
Hi, Sorry if this is kinda gross, but I need some advice. And sorry I don't remember the technical names for breast anatomy...

I am 21 weeks pg and my 19 mo DS keeps grabbing at my nipples through my shirt. (He did not nurse - long story - and I stopped pumping awhile ago due to very low supply. So no nursing going on right now.) One nipple in particular is very painful when he grabs it and it doesn't go away.

So yesterday, I finally took a good look at it and there is this little white-head pimply looking thing right to the side of the little "hole"/indent where the milk would flow out. I squeezed it a little but it didn't budge, and also put warm washcloths on it which did nothing either. I have a shooting pain up the outer side of that breast, tho it's only bothersome, not super painful at this point.

Does anyone know what this might be? And how to get rid of it?


BusyBeeMom's Avatar BusyBeeMom 07:45 PM 09-29-2005
I'm not an LC, but I'll bet dollars to donuts it's a milk blister.

Good luck!

greenmansions's Avatar greenmansions 01:39 AM 09-30-2005
Thanks, Janey! I read the link and it sure sounds about right. Must be a pressure thing in my case - my bras are getting pretty snug over the past few weeks, plus a good hard pinch from DS several times a day - all adding up.

It's got me hoping that my milk production will be better for this baby! This blister is on my "good" side that produced more last time.