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kennedy444's Avatar kennedy444 11:56 PM 11-06-2005
I really believe if you really want to nurse your baby you can and there is no need for supplements. I had a hulking 9.9 baby boy and until he started solids at 5 or 6 mos months I just nursed him. If you want to nurse then get rid of all the other stuff and believe that you can!!!

Periwinkle's Avatar Periwinkle 12:22 AM 11-07-2005
You can do it!

I'll take your 10 1/2 pounder and raise you an ounce!

My baby was 10-9 at birth (no GD at all) and 22.5 inches. (Oh and a 15 and 7/8 inch head )

Anyway, my milk came in within 24 hours but nevertheless he was 9 lb. 9 oz. at 2 days old and got jaundiced. Plus he was starving hungry in the evening (yes I know this is common but I had NO milk by mid-evening and he was miserable... and jaundiced). So I consulted with an LC. She said basically my baby had the caloric needs of a 2 month old and I needed to up my supply and quick -- she checked his latch and it was fine. Obviously I'd been doing demand feeding and was already nursing round the clock and babywearing against bare skin. She gave me some herbs (fenugreek and blessed thistle) and a hospital grade breastpump, and I started pumping several times a day for the first week to boost supply and to get just a little bit of extra milk to give to him at night when he seemed to be miserably hungry. I'd supplement him ~2 oz. of my EBM in the evening if he needed it but mostly the pumping just boosted my supply quickly (and got me a nice little freezer stash lol). I drank tons of water (not just to thirst, but I know this is debatable -- not TOO much water, but still 10-12 glasses a day whether I was "thirsty" or not) and 3 fenugreek capsules 3x/day). I also swear by my double bowl of oatmeal that I continue to eat every single day. By week 2 my supply was gangbusters and we haven't looked back. He was 10-12 at his 2 week checkup!

He gained 2 oz. a day on my milk early on, and was 16 lb. 4 oz. by 2 months old! He was exclusively BF'd til after 6 months, and now at 9 months, he's 24 pounds and has never had a single "dot" on the charts since birth.

You CAN do it!
mamabeth's Avatar mamabeth 11:04 PM 11-07-2005
Just another big baby dd was 10lbs 9oz and we started out supplementing her because of course everybody said we *had* to in the hospital. We quit once we went home because she was sleeping too much when we supplemented her, and it took my body a while to catch up with the demand, but she never lost weight after the initial wl at birth, just gained slowly for a while. I had also had a c-sec and had a lot of fluid, so my ped just went with it and watched her developmental signs instead of just weight.

I nursed her for 27 months. Now I'm nursing my "small" guy, only 9lbs 6oz, with no problems! Everyone has given you wonderful advice...chuck the bottles and nurse, nurse, nurse. Fenugreek and oatmeal and all that help, but mostly nurse a ton and know that you can totally do it, and it will be so worth it.
havecutekids's Avatar havecutekids 03:13 AM 11-08-2005
Don't doubt youself, you gave birth to a baby that your body knew how to grow, your body also knows how to feed that little one! It's totally normal for a baby to lose that much weight in the beginning. I nursed my 10lb 1oz baby boy exclusively for 6 months and he is still nursing at 3 and a half! Your body always makes about 1/3 more than you need. You could drop the supplements all together and you would be fine!

LLL Leader
MountainRose's Avatar MountainRose 05:26 AM 11-08-2005
It may not always be easy, but you can do it.
Like another mother who posted, my son was 9lbs 2oz at birth. I exclusively breastfed him and he is healthy and has been. He is 9 months and still gets most nutrients from breastmilk, although I am going to work on including more solids.
I believe in you and your baby!
Jennifer Z's Avatar Jennifer Z 02:26 AM 11-09-2005
If babe is getting sleepy too fast you can also make sure they are in a diaper only at feedings (your breasts make a little furnace under there, and the combo of warm and eating might be contributing). Also, you can gently tap the bottom of their feet to help keep them awake.

Mine was a little guy compared to yours (9lbs 6.3oz), but he lost quite a bit of weight. My ped was an older guy and assured me that if I kept nursing on demand, he should gain it back. He really pushed water and making sure I was well nourished so that my body could produce as much as possible. Babe was still a tad under where they wanted him to be at a week, but at two weeks he was over, and by 2 months he had doubled his birth weight (and out of his infant car seat )
momoftworedheads's Avatar momoftworedheads 03:25 PM 11-09-2005

I am studying to be a LC and I see mom like this all the time. I think your baby's weight was inflated due to the IV and the Gest Diabetes. What we usually have moms do is nurse, pump after each feeding to drain breasts more, and then use that as the supplement.

You may want to have your prolactin level checked if you are going to a BFing clinic.

Getting rest, taking your vitamins, eating oatmeal, Total Raisin bran and OJ or fenugreek all help to increase the milk supply.

Another suggestion that I give moms is to get into bed with baby, nurse as much as she wants. This will also increase your supply!

Mama-you can feed your baby! Keep up the good work and know we are all wishing you the best! Take care.
Fiddlemom's Avatar Fiddlemom 12:03 AM 11-10-2005
from my own experience....

son #1 was 9lbs 11oz; I remember people wanting to freak me out about nursing a nearly 10 pounder and was he getting enough? fortunately I had the other voices too-midwife, doula,. I had complications too and while not a c section it was significant so I also had to recover. Best things were nursing round the clock in bed or laying on the couch and getting up minimally. This kid was a hulking 30 lbs at one year on nothing but breastmilk for the first five or six months and solids & breastmilk for the second 6 months.

son #2 jaundiced and I was repeatedly encouraged to supplement. The extra fluids helped to resolve the jaundice quicker BUT WAS TOTALLY DEMORALIZING TO ME. Even those 2 or 3 bottles made my supply drop. And I was the dairy queen, tandem nursing and all, so I can only imagine what bottles and bottles & all these people lacking confidence in you could do!!! (((( HUGS ))))

I'm sure you're aware that your anxiety level can negatively impact your milk supply and that probably the most anxiety-provoking thing a mother can go through is to think or be told that her baby is not getting enough to eat.

for help with milk supply, the following helped:
fenugreek capsules (2 in morning, 2 in evening)
B vitamins (either in supplement form, or through something like brewer's yeast)
Fennel seed added to mother's milk tea (I would drink this by the liter).

wishing you MILK! and HOPE! and RELAXATION! and LOVE!

emmabella's Avatar emmabella 04:34 AM 11-10-2005
Go mama, go mama go! You can definitely do this... have faith in YOU!

My babe was 9lb 6oz (not GD, just late) and has been EBF from day one. He lost 5% of his weight after birth, gained it back by day three and a whole 1.5 lbs extra by two weeks. Here's the kicker... it took a good FIVE days for my milk to come in. Yes, five. Even with only colostrum he did just fine. Our bodies are made to work this way.

Watch the dipes, get rid of the bottles, formula supplement only with the SNS if you have to. The things that stimulate your body to produce milk are: hormones released in your brain by the physical touch of your babe's mouth on the breast AND fully emptying the breast. An empty breast = green light, make more milk... a full breast = red light, slow the milk production down. (Thank you!) Eat good healthy foods for yourself & drink lots of water. Keep your stress level as low as possible because that can definitely affect your supply.

We are all here to cheer you on! Peace and love to your family.
Fiddlemom's Avatar Fiddlemom 07:50 PM 11-10-2005
Forgot to add to my previous post: DS #1 lost _more_ than 10% of his birthweight and they were leaning heavily on me to supplement when I was leaving the hospital...I was pretty militant that formula wasn't going to happen---and I thought, how can they be so worried about such a huge healthy child that is nursing about 20 hours of the day?

my heart is with you

3inclothdiapers's Avatar 3inclothdiapers 12:15 AM 11-14-2005
More large baby stories:
dd was 9 lb 7 oz, born right on time (no gd)--- she lost at least 10% of her weight, but I nursed her constantly, drank about a gallon of water a day, and ate TONS of food. I did hear the word "supplement" mentioned, but fortunately the ped was nice enough to wait a few days for a weight re-check and by then she had gained it back.

ds2 was 10 lb 12 oz, yes, nearly 11 lb at birth. He was also born on time and I did not have gd. We knew he would be big- the dr could feel that he was huge when measuring my uterus at my checkups. Anyway, ds also nursed CONSTANTLY those early weeks and months. Of my 3 kids, he took the longest to start sleeping through the night. I also had nipple soreness from all the nursing for about a month; he was a very aggressive nurser because he was so hungry! But he gained and gained and gained weight, eating nothing but my milk.

I think the key to good supply is lots of water, eat when you are hungry, and nurse your baby VERY frequently.

I don't have experience with supplementing, but know people who do, and it seems like it's a hard trap to get out of; very few of them were able to get their own supply back up so that they could stop the supplementing altogether. You have to work hard at it, and do it ASAP. Good luck; you are doing a great job! (And regardless of what happens, don't beat yourself up!)
aliah79's Avatar aliah79 01:33 AM 11-14-2005
Just wishing you the best and looking forward to your update! The ladies have had some great advice...

My ds was 10lbs 15oz at birth...10lbs 5oz when we left the hospital (also an unexpected c/s)...10lbs 4oz at one week...14lbs 4oz at five weeks! I was still nursing my 21 month old, so my milk was probably quicker to come in... He's such a chub! I love all his rolls

You go mama! You are doing so much for your not so little babe! *hugs*
Greensleeves's Avatar Greensleeves 05:46 AM 01-04-2006
DaryLLL's Avatar DaryLLL 11:20 AM 01-04-2006
Wow, Congrats for going through that trial of fire.

Regaining birthweight plus 6 oz by 11 days is fantastic, you know.

At the weigh in when she gained 2 oz after a feed, that is normal too. That is a normal newborn feed, as their tummies are only the size of the fists or a golfball. Plus, bf babies who feed often won't take in the same amt at every feed.

The LCs gave you terrible advice and I am so angry for you at them. I feel sick that they are giving so many moms the wrong advice. You could write letters to the hospital.

Good for you for noticing when the galactogogues actually gave you too much milk and caused the spitting up!

You made it through and I am so glad. !!! Yay!
nabigus's Avatar nabigus 02:03 PM 01-04-2006
What an amazing update! congratulations! (and good for you for ignoring those silly LCs--so sorry you had that experience.)

It's probably moot by now, but wanted to add that my ds (also "big" at 9 lbs 9 oz) did really well switch feeding in the evenings. he was also prone to falling asleep in the evenings, so I would feed for 5 minutes on 1 side, burp him and wake him up, switch breasts, do the same again, switch, etc etc. He was also a flailer, so if all else failed I would swaddle him to nurse--he'd immediately latch on and start sucking down like crazy.

best of luck! glad you and your dc are bfing so well together.
Periwinkle's Avatar Periwinkle 02:43 PM 01-04-2006
carriepurkhiser's Avatar carriepurkhiser 10:39 PM 01-04-2006
I would trust your instincts. Our 1 year old was 9 lbs 10 oz at birth - we had him at home. I'm sure he lost some weight, but most newborns do. A newborns stomach size is comparable to the size of a marble! All 3 of my children were born at home and exclusively breastfed (and one due ANYTIME and expected to be larger than the last).

Our first was only 6 lbs and lost over 1 lb by the end of the week - he only had about 3 teaspoons of colostrom total for about 4 days- my milk delayed coming in because of lack of nursing (prematurity). He was a month premature. He is now a healthy 6 year old - and I never supplemented. The more the baby nurses at the breast - the more milk you will make. The body will increase or decrease on demand - depending on how much the baby nurses and needs. Supplements = the less you make. The more the baby nurses = the more you make.

A great book is "The womanly art of breastfeeding" - it is wonderful - I don't know how I lived without it.

Your doing great, just trust your instincts and get rid of the supplements!
Nursin'Fool's Avatar Nursin'Fool 10:40 PM 01-04-2006
My second baby was 10 pounds, 6 ounces. I breastfed her with no problems, but let me tell you.... I was nursing 24/7 it seemed like. But, it was worth it, and it was only for a week or two, then my supply met her demand easily. It can be done.
MommyofPunkiePie's Avatar MommyofPunkiePie 05:23 AM 01-05-2006

crazy_eights's Avatar crazy_eights 05:29 AM 01-05-2006
Originally Posted by DaryLLL
Regaining birthweight plus 6 oz by 11 days is fantastic, you know.

At the weigh in when she gained 2 oz after a feed, that is normal too. That is a normal newborn feed, as their tummies are only the size of the fists or a golfball. Plus, bf babies who feed often won't take in the same amt at every feed.

The LCs gave you terrible advice and I am so angry for you at them. I feel sick that they are giving so many moms the wrong advice. You could write letters to the hospital.

Are the LC's on the formula rep's dole now too? That is just a crazy story. And good for you for succeeding *despite* all the 'professional help' you got.
JenJMP's Avatar JenJMP 11:16 AM 01-05-2006
Wonderful success story!
What an amazing gift for dd.

Would you consider talking/writing to the LCs that discouraged you?
Not to complain, but to educate.

If you don't follow up, they will just assume you took their advice and that they were right.
Telling your story may open their eyes.
soccerchic21's Avatar soccerchic21 02:42 PM 01-05-2006

I am coming into this conversation late but I had a 10lb 6oz baby born in July. It was my second and I had been around the block breastfeeding wise and was ready for the hospital to freak about his weight.

He had the stupid heel prick and they threatened formula and he did lose more than 10% of his body weight but what they don't tell you in the hospital is that having an iv during labor can bump up the weight of your baby. Thankfully we go to a very bf friendly ped and they never told us to supplement.

I am so happy for the both of you. Just nurse nurse nurse away!
Periwinkle's Avatar Periwinkle 05:35 PM 01-05-2006
to everything SoccerChic posted. IVs do bump up birth weight (but only by a few ounces) and in my experience very large babies are more likely to lose >10% of their birthweight. However, they should STILL gain it back by 2 weeks. This is what my LC told me and I've know a few uber large babies and they all managed to gain back birth weight by 2 weeks even though they lost a lot the first couple of days. Not all very big babies lose though. Some of y'all had big babies and even BIGGER armfuls at 2 weeks lol!
crazy_eights's Avatar crazy_eights 06:05 PM 01-05-2006
My first lost more than 10% of his birth weight in the first 2 days (no IV either). He was only 8 lbs. at birth. Staff hospital peds were freaked, wanted me to formula feed. Thank G-d, I didn't and it all worked out fine. He was a moose by 8 weeks of age. I'm just curious about how ANY weight loss in the first few days could be problematic. Babies weren't designed to be getting any food other than colosterum at 24 hours of birth.
babycatcher01's Avatar babycatcher01 05:01 PM 01-06-2006
Lay with your baby and nurse till she wants to stop. It will only last a couple weeks. She needs you right now. If she is wetting enough there is no need to supplament her. She needs time to adjust you are what she knows, she needs your nipples. The weight she lost will return quickly. Dont worrie, just nurse and love and hold your baby.
slowjig's Avatar slowjig 08:35 PM 01-06-2006
heh...edited because i didn't read the update...

Mrs Dimples's Avatar Mrs Dimples 11:03 PM 01-06-2006
Just saw your update, and CONGRATULATIONS! I wish your story could be the norm (having enough support to persevere through difficulties - I am SO glad that advice like you got from LCs isn't the norm). I am so proud of you for sticking through the hard times. Now you will spend the next years (if you want ) reaping the rewards of your sacrifices early on. You and your baby will spend the rest of your lives reaping the rewards as well.

I would encourage you to alert whoever should be (either the LC in the first case, or the hospital in the second) that you were given poor information, if you have the energy. That was really very bad advice, DaryLLL is exactly correct. I am a CBC who works with IBCLCs regularly and I would be ashamed if anyone from my place of business discouraged you and misinformed you like they did. Someone needs to know so that a mom with less support and good gut instinct than you have doesn't have her BF relationship trampled on and ruined.

Congratulations again! You deserve to be incredibly proud of yourself, and never forget what you went through. Other moms can benefit from hearing your story.
Momtwice's Avatar Momtwice 05:05 PM 01-08-2006
Congratulations on getting back on track...and with a bad LC to boot? That's awful! I agree with encouraging you to write a letter when things calm down.

Nevertheless it was clear that she was still hungry (probably because they told me not to feed her for 3 hours before the clinic!) and so the LC whipped out some formula and fed her the whole bottle, which messed up our feedings for the next several hours because she was passed out digesting all that formula. The same LC wanted me to come back in to try a nipple shield, and there was nothing wrong with her latch, and I didn't have sore nips. And yes, she was an IBCLC. Formula-and-nipple-shield happy. I didn't go back.
Awful. I'm so sorry. You shouldn't wait 3 hours to feed a baby who wants to nurse, if a baby is too hungry they can get agitated and upset, and/or weak and with low blood sugar, and either way they don't nurse as well.

And that LC should have told you to put the baby back on the breast if still hungry, or given a small supplement in my view, not give large amounts of formula. (Yes supplements are sometimes needed, but a whole bottle?!?!)

About your feeling that you wanted to give up every day for 6 weeks, I've heard other moms say that too, that it all fell together for them at that age. (Of course for other moms it all falls APART at that age when they get a growth spurt, but the constant nursing, when it comes back...and it will! is NORMAL!!!)

I feel fortunate that I had a very good IBCLC. To those who are reading, my experience was very different with an IBCLC, she saved me instead of sinking me.

Good work mom! Bravo!
Greensleeves's Avatar Greensleeves 07:15 PM 01-10-2006
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