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My two week old very suddenly has started being very gassy. Last night he was up the majority of the night crying, fussing and it looked as though he was straining to have a bowel movement, although when I changed his diapers, it is very soft. When he passes gas, he is very relieved, so I'm assuming that's the problem. It helps if I rub his tummy.

I consume a lot of dairy, and when I say a lot, I mean it. I drink approx. 2L of milk a day, but I've been doing this since he was born, so I can't understand why he would suddenly have a problem with it. I also ate onions last night, and haven't in awhile so maybe that could be it? I just can't figure it out.

What would cause this? I feel terrible to see him in pain.
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My daughter was the same for a few weeks, but her tummy has mellowed now, if that's any consolation. I am also a dairy lover.
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My son's gas was so bad we thought it was colic. It started at about 2 weeks old. It continued until he was about 6 weeks. I finally got so desperate that I started doing cuts to my own diet. It turned out that he could not tolerate it if I had dairy, garlic, onions, anything tomato based, broccoli, cauliflower, beans, anything citrus, and of course anything spicy.
Ds is 6 months old now and I can now have any of the above foods in small amounts. Still if I have a bowl of ice cream he is tooting away the next day. So it might not just be milk that is bothering him.
We used baby Oval alot (anti-flatulent for babies). We can get it here in any drug store.
Hope this helps! Hope your babe's tummy isn't like Byrons!

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My DD (a huge, healthy baby at almost 7 months now) had HORRIFIC gas when she was a newborn. She never seemed uncomfortable, just left me sitting there while I was nursing her in clouds of stinky gas (she happily passed it constantly.) She had the normal, liquidy mustard-seed breast milk poop. I think some babies are just gassier than others. I never did an elimination diet, but she seemed to just adjust over time.

I think *some* discomfort is normal with gas, rather than a function of mom's diet. Try bicycling his legs, massaging his tummy (like you're doing) etc. If that seems to help him, I think you have it under control. JMHO.

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Coulda just been the onions. Some foods do that to my kids too if I eat too much. Though for both my younger ones dairy was a big no-no for me. I just cut it out of my diet. It helps alot. Though recently I finally narrowed down my youngest gassiness and discomfort to my soda intake. I KNOW its a bad habit but its my ONLY vice and I am sad to have to cut it out. Been a cola addict forever, kwim? But I understand, it is so hard to see your babe in any kind of pain. I hope you pinpoint what is causing the gas. Try avoiding the onions and stick with the milk as you said you have been drinking it all along. Ifthe pain only comes back when you eat onions, then at least yu will know.
Some things that I have to avoid in excess:
onions, peppers, beans, broccoli, cauliflower, soda, dairy, orange juice and garlic.
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I know how you feel my dd started crying in pain when she passed gas or I should say screaming. I am a first time mom and i was crying not knowing what to do! It is so hard ot see your precious little baby hurting and not being able to do anything about it. My ped said she was colicky and prescribed drops for her and told me to stop BF her, I tried the drops and she cried after taking them just as bad as she cried when she passed gas. So I changed Dr's and kept BF the whole time. I stopped giving her the drops and the new Dr said that it is normal for a newborn to be uncomfortable when passing gas the Juliana jsut has a very immature bowel. He told me the things to do to help her pass the gas to lay her on her back and push her legs towards her chest gently bicycle her legs rub her tummy and also to lay her across my lap on her belly with her head slightly elevated and burp her. Also when feeding her to burp her frequently. Sometimes if your milk is letting down fast ( spraying ) it helps if you let it spray into a burp cloth or towel and then let baby feed. since I have started doing this one thing it has helped the most, but I have noticed everytime I eat garlic she gets very fussy and very gassy, so I would stay away from the onions and also try the legs and keeep up with belly rubs.
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Do you drink anything carbonated (soft drinks, flavoured water)? That was the only thing that gave my baby gas, and it was bad But within a day of cutting those out, she was much better and after 3 days there was no gas at all. It was totally worth it and now that she's older (10 months) she can tolerate anything I eat or drink.
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