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I work full time, and DS has been getting EBM while I'm at work. He's 11 mos and at his point, I nurse him in the morning and at night. He generally only wants 1-2 bottles of EBM during the day, though when I'm with him on the weekends, he nurses a few more times than that. I pump once daily at work. I'm wondering if I should continue pumping beyond 12 mos. I have no plans to wean at this point, and would at least like to continue our morning and bedtime nursing sessions. I've heard some say it is totally reasonable for them to have cows milk once they are 12 mos, at least during the day. Should I give up the pumping, continue to nurse when I'm home, and just add cows milk during the day when I'm not home? If I give up that pumping session, will I still have enough milk to supply him with morning and nighttime feedings? Or should I just keep on pumping? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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It's really your call. I pumped once a day until my DD1 was 18 months, but she was a SERIOUS nurser, and her daytime nursings were really, really important to both of us. Sounds like your DS would probably drop the weekend daytime feedings eventually once your supply dropped (which it would). So, whether you keep pumping or not just depends on how important that nursing is to you.

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I work at a college and the winter break has coincided with my son's first birthday. Since I only work part-time my situation is a little different than yours but I have decided not to pump any more. My son still nurses when I'm home and all night long but since he's starting to take off with solid food I don't think he'll be going hungry the five or so hours we're apart.

Good luck to you!
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I also worked FT and pumped twice a day until my ds was about 13 mo. old. Then I cut back to once a day for about a month I think. By 1 year, he was drinking out of a sippy cup and also continued to nurse until he self weaned at 20 mo.

Good Luck~


Lisa, Todd, Dane and Amber: & :::
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my dd is 14 months and I still pump 2x a day at work

I figure that'll keep my supply up while I'm trying to figure out what to do..

this way, she has enough milk to have cereal with.. to drink out of a bottle.. and then some.

i figure I can always cut back, but it'll be harder to build up supply if she needs it.

I have given her a bit of organic milk and rice dream.. just for a change of pace.
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I would introduce cow's milk first and see how it goes before you stop pumping. If your DS seems to be tolerating it, then you can probably stop pumping. I pumped until my DD was about a year. But by then she wasn't taking any bottles, and the little bit that I was pumping was used in her cereal.

My supply has pretty much stayed up. I've heard of a few women who haven't been able to keep up an adequate supply,though. I've always had plenty for the very important morning and first thing after work nursing session, but it's just during the day on the weekends that I seem to be lacking milk - but that doesn't stop DD from trying though! She still gets plenty of comfort from those sesssions.
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I just stopped pumping two weeks ago when DD was 14 months old. She's a reverse cycler and has only been taking 4-6 ounces in her food for the past 9 months.

I introduced goat milk and she seems to be taking this well from a cup and mixed with her food. I chose goat milk because our whole family tends to have lactose intolerance and because it has much more protein than rice milk (which I use and sometimes give DD) and none of the potential health risks that are associated with soy milk.

I'm a bit nervous about supply---but may be unwarranted given that we've never had supply issues and I'm sitting here at work right now feeling pretty engorged and wishing that I could pump.... I only stopped because I wanted to give my PIS to a new mom who is starting work next week. I may try using a hand pump for a while if I see any changes in my supply. I'm hoping to EBF till DD self weans.

Good luck! It's a big transition! I can't believe how much time I have now that I'm not pumping 1-2x a day.
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I just wanted to add my experience. My dd will be 22 months old on the 16th. I pumped for her until about 12-13 mos. and then she had ebm during the day at daycare for another month from my frozen stash. Didn't realized I had THAT much LOL!

She was also a reverse cycler and nursed at night and took few bottles during the day. We slowly introduced soy but now she takes cow's milk. She drinks so little of it I got tired of wasting a cup of soy milk. Anyhow, she still nurses mornings, nights and weekends. And yes, she does get milk on the weekends even though I'm not nursing or pumping during the workweek. I realize this will differ from mom to mom but wanted to let you know that there is a chance you can stop pumping during the day and still nurse on demand when you're together. I had over a week off with my kids during Christmas and I actually became slightly engorged my first couple days back at work. It was unreal!

Take it slowly and do what you feel is best in your situation. If you take small steps and something's not workign out then it can be reversed more easily than going whole hog and then realizing there's a problem. Good luck!
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My dd never drank cows milk and still doesn't at years of age.

I pumped for her until she was 15 1/2 months and then she had the frozen stuff (aobut 100 oz) for the next month or so.
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DD is 14 mos and I've been back at work FT for the past 4mos. When I'm at work, I'm away from her for either 10 or 12 hours, depending on my shift. I used to always pump twice on my longer days and only once on my shorter days. Now, I always pump at least once, and twice only if I have the time. Like StillForest, I find it takes a lot of time to pump and am glad to cut down whenever I can. I have been trying to slowly introduce dairy (yogurt, cheese, etc) to DD and it seems that she is starting to tolerate it much better. We are hoping to give her some homogenized milk next week and just BF when I'm at home. I think DD is a reverse cycler since she night nurses only on the days that I have to go to work, but not when I'm off! Maybe she knows that she has to keep my supply up! I have a friend who went back to work FT when her DD was 8mos, never pumped, and was able to continue to EBF until her DD was 22mos. I'm hoping this will be the same with DD and I since I hope to EBF her until she self-weans.
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My dd will be 13 months this week (hard to believe!) and I still pump twice a day. I work FT, so I'm away for 11 hours at a stretch. I had incredible problems with my milk supply when I first started working when dd was 7 weeks old. I had to pump four times a day and I still had several close calls where my milk supply started to dry up. In that process, dd became a reverse cycler and my milk supply stablized, but I still had to pump 4 times a day until she was 9 months. Then at 9 months I went down to pumping 3 times a day, and then at 11 months I went down to twice a day. Like your babe, mine has 1-2 bottles of EBM per day. I would like to cut back to one pumping per day, but based on my past experience, I do not want to totally cut out daytime pumping yet. I'd like to get dd down to one bottle consistently per day, but beyond that I don't plan to reduce further daytime feedings because she still wakes me up so often at night to nurse. I've decided that it's more important to focus on reducing the number of nighttime feedings than daytime feedings because, although pumping can be time consuming, it is really hard to function all day at work when dd only lets me get three hours of sleep at night!
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OliverTwist, welcome to the forums.

Your situation sounds EXACTLY like mine. I pumped 2-3x/day from when DS was 6-10 months, then pumped 1x/day until right around 13 months. After stopping pumping, for a few weeks, I would nurse him as soon as I picked him up from daycare (around 4pm), but that late-afternoon session became erratic, then nonexistent because we'd run errands, take the pent-up dog to the park, etc.

We kept up with 2 nursings (morning & bedtime) until he was 17 months, then dropped the morning nursing, since he was waking later (daylight savings time!), and I'd have to leave the house before he woke up.

Last weekend, at 18 months and 1 week, he weaned himself. I never had any concrete plans on when I'd wean him... just figured it'd happen eventually. I do miss it a little and am a little sad. My supply definitely dwindled with each dropped nursing, but looking back, it made weaning a very smooth experience.

My son had no problems with cow's milk (he didn't like goat's). We introduced it gradually, starting around 13 months.
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I still pump twice a day for 12 mo dd. Would love to cut back, but she is really not a big food fan, and in the 10th percentile of weight while over 90th percentile in height (I know the flaws with that system, but still use it as a rough guage). So I want her to have ebf for basic nutrition.

I teach at a University, so my thought is that I will pump through the rest of this semester (I am lucky enough to be able to go nurse her at lunch still). Then we will figure out if we can move to a new system in May. Note that my supply has gone down slightly over the past month or so...but I still have enough for her to have 10-12 ounces a day at daycare, plus nursing from me (or some days NOT nursing from me but glad to have me visit for half an hour) at lunch.

TCC's Mama
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