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Hi everyone,

I have a problem well actually I have several. But this one I might be able to do something about.
I am currently bf'ing my 17 month old ds and have no plans of weaning anytime soon. I may have some ppd symptoms but I also have a lot of stress in my life right now so am not sure about that.
I have not got AF back since ds was born and have developed some weird symptoms. For a couple of days I will be bloated and crampy and then I develop dizzy spells that lead to migraine like headaches and finally vomiting and chills. This happens about once a month. Is it all hormonal and if so what can I do to fix it. The spells are getting worse and to be honest I am getting worn out.

I live in Iowa and can't find a nd or alternative medicine practitioner anywhere and my MD told me to quit nursing and get a Deprovera shot or go on birth control pills.
I told her no, she didn't like that and I think she has a problem with the fact that I EBF. SHe has also voiced an disagreement witht the fact that ds sleeps with us.
I know I have to find a different MD but frankly I cannot find anyone around my area who is supportive of my parenting style.

Any ideas?
Thanks so much.

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Did your MD offer any type of testing to detect a physical cause? Blood work and hormonal testing could be done. How is your diet? Are you eating well? Getting enough sleep? Sometimes when I have panic attacks I get some of those symptoms and an awful head ache. Did your doctor explore the depression route? Depression and stress can manifest itself in some strange ways physically.

I see NO reason why you should have to wean over this. Sounds like the dr. has a problem with ebf. Seems to me she is fishing for an excuse to get you to wean. Frankly, it is NONE of her business that you co-sleep and ebf. Those are parenting choices she has no say in.

Did she offer you any options at all for dealing with your dizzy spells and other symptoms? Did she do a thorough physical exam? Blood pressure check etc?

I hope you feel better soon.

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If BFing were the cause of these symptoms, I would think you'd have experienced them all along . . . your hormones are the same now as they were a few months post partum - EBF doesn't change that, which is the point! That's why AF hasn't returned, so there's nothing new that is happening to your body now to cause these changes related to EBF.

Why not try calling your local LLL for a reference to a more supportive doc . . . even a peds who then might refer you to a "grown up doc" who would be supportive. If not, have you looked for a midwife? They seem to be more supportive of EBFing, which is natural and generally quite healthy for you and your babe.
Good luck!

mommy to Greta 3/4/02
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How irresponsible! Oh, yes, let's just blame breastfeeding for symptoms that may indicate hormonal imbalance or depression/anxiety.

I would go see a specialist. A real GYN, or a psychiatrist if necc. You can take anti-depressants while bfing. Many are compatible. You can also take birth control pills, or get a patch. Todays' lower dose estrogen pills don't usually affect milk supply, not have ill effects been shown to babies in studies. (They are not recommended for the early months when bfing is being established. But since your baby is older, hormonal contraception is not necc contra-indicated.)

Are there any IBCLCs in your area? They should have Thomas Hales' ref book, Mother's Milk and Medications. Inform yourself. Do a google search for your symptoms. Good luck! Glad your bs meter was working with yr ill-informed dr.
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I am prone to migraines as well and I am still nursing my 2 year old. Many women develop this conditon after pregnancy (even women who do not breastfeed!). When I am premenstral, I am very prone to a migraine. It's a combination of hormones and triggers.

You have to figure out what your triggers are and avoid them. For example, dh and are were fond of ordering chinese food once or twice a month. Well, within 24 hours, I often had a migraine - dizzy, excruciating pain, black spots, vomitting. Although the restaurant claimed that they did not use MSG... I am sure they were. And, MSG is a major trigger for many migraine sufferers.

Sunlight or light that flickers is another common trigger. So, always wear sunglasses outside. There are many others, you can find if you do a google search.

Avoiding triggers has helped tremendously.

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I used this Deprovera shot 2 or 3 times while nursing ds2 and had no problems with bf'ing.
The only thing I didn't like about it was when I stopped I got af 3 times in 2 months!
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Maybe get your thyroid checked. It is a simple blood test and can detected alot. The meds for it are BF friendly.
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I used depo while nursing my first child and micronor bc pills while nursing my second. These are two methods that usually do not affect the milk supply for most women.
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If that doctor's only response to your reporting of these symptoms was to tell you to wean and ordering no tests to discover what's going on physiologically, then I would suggest you do two things:
1)file a complaint with whomever is in charge of that office AND with your insurance company. and

2)find an intelligent compassionate doctor who actually takes care of his/her patients instead of trying to control their private lives.

"What will you do once you know?"
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It doesn't sound like your problem is being caused by breastfeeding. Definately see another doctor. And remember to check with a lactation consultant if a doctor tells you that you "have to" wean.

Midwife (CPM, LDM) and homeschooling mama to:
14yo ds   11yo dd  9yo ds and 7yo ds and 2yo ds  
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Hi Steph,
If you want a few suggestions for drs in the CR area, PM me and maybe I can help. You definitely need a new dr. I have only found 1 dr that is truly supportive of breastfeeding and everything that goes with it in CR which is so sad (and I don't think she's taking new patients). The practice I use is passively supportive IMO, they won't discourage it but don't advocate for it strongly either. I've never had any problems and we just had our appts for 4 yrs and 15 mos. When she asked about sleeping and I said we still co-slept she just nodded and said "maybe he'll want to sleep in his own bed when he's in kindergarten?" she said it as a question which I found funny. At least she doesn't scowl and make negative comments.
The a friend here in town also did not start AF when she was actively nursing her 18 mos? old I think and she did find she had a thyroid condition, I can put you in touch with her if you want for more info.
Good luck,

Full-time homeschooling mama : of a 15yo "teenager" , 12yo DIVA, 9yo builder, & 4yo treasure.
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Just wanted to add that I went through several months of the same symptoms & realized it was related to my cycle/hormones/diet.

I actually started going to a chiropractor every week & when ever I felt a bad headache coming & it has been a year now with only 1 bad headache!!!!(and he was closed that day!)

momma to 4
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