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My daughter just turned a year old a few days ago and she is still waking up about every two hours at night to nurse. On occasion I will get 3 whole hours of sleep. At 1 year she is still barely touching solid foods and nursing almost exclusively. On a good day I will get her to eat a 4 oz jar of food and pick at some other things. She is big for her age and doesn't seem to be starving during the day. Has any one else experienced this and or have any suggestions?
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We have an avid nurser here. DD nursed every 2 hours until around her 2nd birthday which was also when she finished getting in all of her teeth. Now she wakes about 1-2 times per night average to nurse.

I almost night-weaned her a couple times, but the work involved was just too much, and we just kind of coasted along until she finally backed off a bit after the teeth came in. We are also still co-sleeping. DD can go for 8 hours in the day without nursing, but most days she still nurses every 2-4 hours. Depends if we're doing anything interesting that day.

If your DD is healthy, strong and growing, I wouldn't worry about the food. There are some mamas that don't even give solids until around a year. We started around 7 months but she didn't get much into food for a couple more months. Then she ate just about anything. And now we're into days where she doesn't eat much food at all, but nurses a lot, or maybe she won't eat much all day, then she'll pig out at night.

I hope you are able to get some sleep - or at least some naps! If I hadn't been able to take some naps, I don't know how I would've made it.

Can your DP stand in for you one night with some expressed breast milk? (My DD wouldn't even look at a bottle of EBM if I was in the house.) Or maybe your partner or a friend could watch your DD for an afternoon so you could at least get in a good 5 hour nap? My parents did this for me when they came to visit and I could hardly believe the difference it made.

Hang in there. I think there's a lot about this subject on these boards so I'm sure someone else may know of a link on here that discusses it further. Good luck! You are definitely not alone!

I am a 40 year old unschooling, belly dancing, artist-mama of one almost 8 year old. I just had brain surgery and blogging.jpg about it a bit because it's just so surreal.
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Yep, us too. My dd will be 1 in about 2 weeks now and she's doing the exact same thing. Check out the toddler forum for my post about this. It's less the waking every 2 hours to nurse than it is that she's totally rejecting solids nearly completely. She will eat cheerios and crackers and that's it. Everything else she either turns her head away when I try to feed it to her, mashes them up and throws them on the floor, or opens her mouth wide like she's starving, chews it up, and spits it out. : Ooooooooooooh she's lucky she's so dang cute! But seriously, she's a boobie baby and no one can convince her otherwise. She wakes more frequently than every 2 hours for the most part, and she nurses several times throughout the day. From what I hear(and this is just the advice I've gotten here on MDC), the key is just to keep nursing and she will eventually(around 18months I guess) get more interest in solids. A couple of mama's here said that if she doesn't show interest around 18-24 months, then they worry because breastmilk starts being their COMPLETE source of nutrients and needs some supplementation in the form of calcium and something else. I forget. I'm paraphrasing. But I know it's frustrating and you do lose out on sleep. But just keep trying with the solids(a no-pressure type of trying) and see how things go in the long run. I have no partner to give ebm at night, nor would she take one anyway. And she won't tank up during the day because she's too busy playing and chasing her sister now that sh's walking so we are stuck eating like crazy at night. But I at least have the comfort of knowing that lots of other women are up with me all night long nursing their babies!



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i have an all night nurser too! ds is 14 months and wakes every 1-3 hours to nurse. well, the past few nights have been every 45 minutes (yawn). he has always been this way and i pray it stops soon. i attribute most of his sleep to teething, although lately i have been exploring a food sensitivity (dairy).

some days are better then others with solid foods. there are days he only eats cheerios, but there are other days he eats better.

keep offering various solids and she will take them when she is ready! hang in there and sleep when you can

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My middle dd was like that - and really kept at it for awhile - for me I needed cpoing mechanisims -
1. I turned away ALL of the clocks - it made it ten times worse to look at the clock and think its ONLY BEEN 1.5 hours!
2. I kept her in our bed - I didn't need to wake up too much to get things done
3. I kept thinking about how she WOULD stop this someday - and I would miss it (yes, you will...I promise) - that sweet smell of their sweaty lil' head cuddled right up under your nose - the comfort you see on their half asleep face, the way they dig their feet into your underwear while you laying down next to them
Good luck -
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