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I agree. babies with allergies do better with breast milk. The stuff they have for allergic babies is very, very expensive. And this might not even be caused by allergies. The breast milk might actually be making it better. It could be worse if you go to formula. I would get off all the formula. that stuff has so many ingredients that could cause problems.
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Hi Hugs to you all,
What a very hard thing for you all. It looks almost like an atopic eczemia, but it is strange that it has been present since birth. If the MDs are thinking it isn't allergic then I would be hesitant to put him on formula versus bm. It has been my experience that babies are generally not "allergic" to mom's milk, but many a baby has had issues with formula intolerance, both in the gut and the skin-I would hate to see a baby that weaned and ended up with a miserable tummy from formula and continues with a wicked rash.Best of luck to you in whatever you decide to do.
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You have So many wonderful responses already, I'm not sure if I should reply.. or if you'll even make it to reading my long story. I'm going to post it anyway in case it helps!

My son had severe eczema from his first few days of life. I tried all the elimination diets, thinking I was doing it right... Finally I tried a total elimination diet, Dr Sears has a nice one - you eat like 5 foods, no seasonings except sea salt, etc. After 2 weeks, my sons problems (and he had alot more than severe eczema) were GONE. So I knew at that point it was certainly a reaction, its the perfect way to rule it one way or the other. Problem was I couldnt figure out exactly what food it was still. At that point we started seeing an allergist. RAST tests are highly inaccurate in infants & small children, dont put alot of weight into those results. Skin-prick was the only thing that ever worked with my 2 allergic kiddos.

Sure enough, after 1 skin test we had our answer. Seemed easy enough, I started eliminating every trace of the food & he got better. 2 months later he developed a new allergy & we had to go thru the testing again. Same thing, skin test found it, I eliminated - he was better for a couple of months. Whole thing started again.... ugh. Throughout this entire ordeal our allergist was pretty adamant that it was time I gave up BF, too many reactions & too many new exposures to food proteins thru my bm. I ignored him, but at 11 months I started to cave... maybe they were right, it was just SO hard. (my son had severe, constant projectile vomiting along with the eczema- so it truly seemed as though I was causing him great harm...) I finally gave in & weaned. He ended up on Neocate (prescription, extremely expensive & no complete proteins in it). Well, wouldnt ya know, he STILL had reactions.

Then we end up in a GI docs office who specializes in food allergic children. The first thing he said to me? "I really wish you had come to see me before you quit breastfeeding, I could have helped you & he would be far better off getting breastmilk than formula" Wow, I cried...

My point in all this is not to let anyone dissuade you from bf'ing. A child with health issues is a child that really NEEDS BM!!

And I second all the other posts... cod liver oil, borage or evening primrose oil for mom, maybe wheat germ for the vitamin E (great for skin healing), and a probiotic supplement would all be very helpful to babe.

It does get better too, my ds is now 3 1/2 and he has outgrown many of his food allergies. Now only has 2 left. He hasnt had an eczema flare since he was 12 months old.

Good luck to you, keep searching & the answers will find you!!


Mom to Paige 6/01 and Aidan 5/02
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i am so sorry for you. i have been there. i DID put my son on formula for 2 days and it helped (he woke screaming every 15 minutes at night and could not sleep without vibration, colic tablets and a stupid pacifier-didn't have a rash). i was going to go off for a week but i tried to feed him on the third day and he was better. in the meantime, i got a double electric pump (recommended as "the only way to keep my supply" by a lactation consultant) and tincture/tea for boosting supply (fenugreek, mother's milk). i think it's doable. i was really freaked out about possibly losing my supply, but i think it would have been okay. looking back, i wish i would have relaxed. i love my pump but i don't really need it .
i'll pray for you-hope you don't mind.
p.s. i also have a lot of milk-still, often, more than we need. i don't know if that has a bearing on our success.
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I have to agree with those who suggested going to a homeopath - the skin is the vital force's vehicle of toxin elimination which has the least impact on the major organs. If allopathic drugs suppress the problem without the actual cause for weakening of the vital force being addressed, the problem will present in some other way (which allopathic medicine will not link together), likely in a more internal location.
Another option is bodytalk, see
Good luck to you , whatever course you take with this.
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