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natesmommy's Avatar natesmommy 07:59 PM 01-29-2003
Does anyone have experience with Sage tea?
I read that it dries up one's milk supply. I am nursing a 22month old and am so ready to wean ( i've been trying for the last 12 months!) We are down to night nursing and I was thinking about the tea to dry up my supply so that maybe he will no longer want to nurse if there is no result. Am I being cruel? HELP!:

guestmama9924's Avatar guestmama9924 09:56 PM 01-29-2003
I think with as little as you are nursing , you don't really need the sage tea. Chances are ( and in my case) baby will want to nurse for comfort, even if there is little to no milk coming out. I guess some kids will loose interest if there is no sweet taste associated with the comfort of nursing.
You could try and see, and no it is not cruel- but it may not turn off your nursling.
I strongly believe in mom led weaning at the appropriate time and baby does give mom hints on when that is. If it is 1-2 per day or on occasion, (and it was for me too, ) I chose to go ahead and 'rip the band aid off quickly"....for lack of a better term.
I know I know, not very 'granola of me' , but other mama mammals lead the way and we are mammals, so there you go, an alternative point of view
motherkins's Avatar motherkins 11:52 PM 01-29-2003
I used sage tea to decrease my milk supply. I had rapid milk ejection and was practically drowning the poor thing when she'd nurse, so that was the suggestion of the LC. I guess it worked some, but yuck, all the sugar in the bowl didn't help that taste. I had to take another medication due to illness that seriously cut my supply and all it did was make her want to nurse more often to increase supply. She was still little though.
I agree with above. It's a good idea to try it, but the babe may just be nursing for comfort so it may not work.
Let me know how it goes though.
lisamarie's Avatar lisamarie 12:49 PM 01-31-2003
There are also some past threads on nightweaning that might be helpful. I don't think that anyone has mentioned sage tea though.


DaryLLL's Avatar DaryLLL 04:09 PM 01-31-2003
I agree with Keysmama, that weaning shouldn't be always 'child-led." Child respectful, mother encouraged, if necc, may be the way to go for some kids with the nursing habit (not a need).

For night weaning, have a drink of water, maybe even a snack, by the bed ready to go. Sometimes they really are thirsty, and if your supply is low, nursing may not even be working to quench--hence, more and more nursing to no avail.