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trmpetplaya's Avatar trmpetplaya 03:46 AM 04-02-2006
Nystatin didn't work so we switched to GSE and distilled water. So now it looks as though there is no more thrush in dd's mouth How long should I keep using it now that there's no visible yeast? How will I know to stop using it? We leave to go across the country on Wednesday and I'd like to not have to bring the GSE, but I probably should... we'll be gone for 3 weeks. I don't think they sell GSE in Georgia (maybe, but I don't know) so I would have to use GV which I know they have...

any thoughts will be much appreciated!

love and peace.

fromscatteredtribe's Avatar fromscatteredtribe 03:52 AM 04-02-2006
in my VERY EXTENSIVE experience it is almost NEVER need to keep up with the probiotics and laundry and dietary changes for EVRYONE in the family. Nystatin eventually worked for me after a two year battle with thrush sometimes so bad i would pur blood through my clothing. I say bring the meds and use your best judgment.....yeast is awfully crazy stuff.... i wish you the best
trmpetplaya's Avatar trmpetplaya 11:31 PM 04-02-2006
Thank you! I've never had problems with it before, but the antibiotics I was on immediately (practically) pp did it...

love and peace.