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Okay, typing one handed while nursing! A 1st for me--

my baby likes to nurse each breast a looooong time. Not every time--often he does a regular 15-20 minutes per side, we're done. But sometimes...I've learned the side-lying nursing and if we're inbed I'll let him go as long as he likes, until we're both asleep. But when I'm awake I want to do other things, like, uh, use the bathoom?

So how do I know when ds has had the nutritious hindmilk? I think he's been on this boob---40 minutes!?!!?! no way! He's sleeping between sucks, but it looks like he is still swallowing! Is he just making it last?

I'm gonna detach him while I wait for your answers!

Divorced mom of one awesome boy born 2-3-2003.
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I was wondering the same thing myself.

I'll add to captain's question:
Is it a horrible thing if I forget which boob we ended on last time?
Also, sometimes ds just wants one per feeding (usually in the middle of the day). Do I offer that one first next time or the fuller (screaming) breast? My vote is for the screaming one, but am I messing things up just starting with whichever booby I feel like starting with at any given feeding?

(captain - I have enough now to shoot a couple of feet...another week or two and I'll have weapons of mass lactation. DH has no idea. I can't wait. HEHEE!)
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I'm not sure how to tell when all the hind milk is gone, if it is ever really all gone, but it usually comes in with a let-down. I sometimes have just one or I can have several each time I nurse depending on how long and how strongly my dss are nursing. I bet what you are seeing is just comfort sucking in his sleep if it's been 40 minutes and he usually does 15-20 minutes. Some babies are slow eaters though. Does he seem to really be going at it at the beginning or just kind of enjoying himself? My twins would stay on the entire time they're asleep if I didn't take them off once I'm sure they're through. If this just started it could also be a growth spurt and he's just trying to increase your supply.

As for what side to offer, the fuller one of course . You want to make sure each side gets adequate stimulation. If nursing is well established and supply is not a problem keeping track of what side to start on isn't that big a deal. There are many moms who's babe prefers one side over another, sometimes to the exclusion of the other side. If nursing is still new all the things you're "supposed" to do can seem overwhelming. Try to keep track as best you can but don't spend time and energy worrying about which breast to offer when dc is screaming for dinner, just do what feels right.
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I was offering one then the other. Then my babes poo was green. I did some research and determined that she wasn't getting enough of the hind milk, so I stopped switching. Sometimes I was lopsided but I was the only one to notice. Her poo returned to normal and I never changed my "nursing style".

BTW-I wore a small elastic bracelet (seed beads) and put it on the arm that she didn't nurse on. I then knew which one to put her on (and DH would even turn her head that way when he handed her to me)
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Ok sorry T but I just had to tell you, Princess Buttercup that I LOVE your name!!!! The Princess Bride is my *favorite* movie of all time! I used to have a quote from it in my sig before we had to shorten them... Ok sorry for the interuption!

Lisa, mama to Orion (7) , Fiona Star (born sleeping @ 38wks 12/6/08) , our bitty (m/c 7/27/09) , and Charlotte Athena (11/5/10)
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My baby almost always just nurses on one side. During the day, I usually put the burp cloth on the side of my nursing chair that we'll start with the next time. At night I don't worry so much about it. He goes a bit longer between feedings during the night, so I can usually tell which side is due by feeling my breasts. Occassionally I'll remember after he latches on that we used that side the last time, but I don't worry about it. Unless you go about half a day only using one side several days in a row, I really don't think your supply will suffer much.
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